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Welcome to The Game's Afoot!, the definitive fansite for Disney's 26th underappreciated animated classic, The Great Mouse Detective (1986). Relive the exciting adventures of a clever mouse, Basil of Baker Street, and his arch-enemy, the notorious Professor Ratigan, in London 1897. This site contains the most comprehensive information and media on this underrated Disney gem. Be sure to sign Basil's Guestbook, feel free to contribute, and enjoy!


Site Updates

08-26-2016 | For National Dog Day, I've added Concept Art of Toby at the Storyboards & Sketches page. Also added a new map of London (courtesy of Oh My Disney) at the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

08-19-2016 | Updated the Professionals page with a drawing of Basil of Baker Street by MouseGuard creator David Petersen.

08-12-2016 | This week I added three more images of folks (and their pets) watching the film to the Miscellaneous photo page section, GMD Watching. They are: Beth, Heather Huey, and Toddyboo.

08-05-2016 | Updated the Cels page with a photo and information on an Original Production Cel of the Octopus (from the Rat Trap pub). Also updated the Games page by embedding chiptune music from Basil, the Great Mouse Detective on Commodore 64 (courtesy of Unepic Stoned High SID Collection).

07-22-2016 | At the Merchandise page, I've added a photo and information for a Basil and Dr. Dawson 2016 Christmas Ornament. Originally from the Disney Store.

07-15-2016 | Created a new Theme at the Fan Art page for GMD 30th Anniversary Tribute Art (starting with four works by BeagleBabe1, Josh Ruggles, Miss Christine, and Yvonne Sowell). Also added Mark Henn's final results of his Basil sketch. It's been submitted next to the link of his video at the Interviews page of Audio & Video Galleries.

07-08-2016 | Updated the Behind the Scenes photo page with three new images of Eric Larson, John Musker, Vincent Price, and Barrie Ingham, all courtesy of Also updated the Links page including the D23 article, Did You Know? Unravel 8 Sneaky Facts About The Great Mouse Detective (under Review Sites).

07-01-2016 | Happy 30th Anniversary, Basil! For the film's milestone release date tomorrow (July 2, 1986), I compiled thirty animation GIFs of selected scenes into one large file. It's been added to the Animation Gifs page. :) Also added in a little later: Drawing with Mark Henn. The Supervising Animator draws Basil live for the film's 30th Anniversary. The link has been added to the Interviews page.

06-24-2016 | Added photos of a Great Mouse Detective pattern for pet products (by Creative Fiasco Studio) at the Miscellaneous photo page (under Craftwork). Also added four new story links to The Mouse Avenger's Fan Fiction page.

06-17-2016 | Added an Original Production Drawing of Basil (saying, "Pleeeease!" to Olivia) to the Storyboards & Sketches page. Also added information for a GMD Falcon Wood Puzzle (featuring Ratigan kidnapping Olivia) to the second Merchandise page (under Games).

06-10-2016 | Archived twenty more updates to clean the home page. Added a section for Pete Emslie at the Professionals page starting with his Disney Artist Profile. Also started a new section at the Miscellaneous photo page titled The Game's Afoot Sightings. Other than Basil saying it, this is for non-GMD sources that have used those words (i.e. the Twelfth Doctor in one of the Doctor Who comics uttered the line).

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