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{ Cast & Crew: Eve Brenner }

Eve H. Brenner is a singer and actress. As a teenager, she appeared in the Off-Broadway production of "Summer Stock." Her theater credits in Los Angeles alone cover forty plays. These include the award-winning "Mary Barnes," "The Revivals," "Hedda Gabler" (directed by Casey Biggs for Circus Theatricals at the Hudson Guild), and "Best Wishes" (Gnu).

Although Eve appeared in a few feature-length films, her guest appearances on popular TV shows kept her career active. These appearances include: "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction" (Edith Waterson in the 1997 episode "The Portrait") “Chicago Hope” (Mrs. Gallagher / Patient), “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” (Sam Lindsay in the 1995 episode "Pike's Peace"), “Just Shoot Me!” (Lillian in the 2000 episode "Mum's the Word") “Star Trek: Next Generation” (Ullian Inad in the 1991 episode "Violations"), and "Star Trek: Voyager" (Korenna Mirell in the 1996 episode "Remember").

Ms Brenner can be seen playing Future Violet in the 2012 film, "Departure Date." See the Official Site for more details.

The photo of Ms Brenner is from Circus Theatricals and is used with permission. Biographical information provided by Circus Theatricals - True West Press Release, Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki, and Internet Movie Database
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