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Welcome to The Game's Afoot!, the definitive fansite for Disney's 26th underappreciated animated classic, The Great Mouse Detective (1986). Relive the exciting adventures of a clever mouse, Basil of Baker Street, and his arch-enemy, the notorious Professor Ratigan, in London 1897. This site contains the most comprehensive information and media on this underrated Disney gem. Be sure to sign Basil's Guestbook, feel free to contribute, and enjoy!

Note: Please do not take any photos without permission first. If you want to use Fan Art pictures, permission must be obtained from the original artists. Thank you!

05-27-2022 | In honor of Vincent Price's birthday 🎂 today (May 27, 1911), I updated the Press page with a photo and snippet from a great article shared by Cartoon Research: In Their Own Words: Glen Keane and Vincent Price on Ratigan. You'll have to click the link at the page to view the full article at Cartoon Research site and I highly recommend that you do. It is a wonderful read!

05-20-2022 | Updated the Miscellaneous photo page under the section Easter Eggs with some photos of a Basil Poster at the Kinema in the Woods (in Woodhall Spa, England). A friend saw the poster hidden in a case amongst other movie memorabilia at this theater house from the early 1900's. Original photos were from Trip Advisor.

05-13-2022 | Ack! Not another Friday the 13th! Oh, well, they'll come whether we want them to or not. This week I updated the Trailers page with that one adorable ad for the 1992 VHS release. It's got the kids in it talking about their favorite moments from the movie. It's really cute and a nice addition to the site.

05-06-2022 | Updated the Children's Books section of Merchandise with a cover and information on Basil, the Great Mouse Detective from Hachette Partworks LTD, part of the "My Little Library" section of their company. It's Issue 90 with 16 pages and the price is £2.99. The book is currently marked as "Coming Soon," so keep checking back at their web site if you're interested in ordering a copy.

04-29-2022 | Added to Music Videos was photo/link to a really cute find: fantastic cheese muffins recipe (by Kendall Bellors). It goes a bit fast on the steps of adding the ingredients, but the fun part is watching it all, the visuals in the background, and enjoying Henry Mancini's added soundtrack.

04-22-2022 | In honor of Earth Day (April 22), here is a lovely photo of Funko Pop Basil at Covent Garden (London) surrounded by a lot of greenery. Credit goes to funkoandlegofan of IG, the photo has been added to the Funko Pop section of Merchandise.

04-15-2022 | This was a very insightful and informative video that is worth viewing. Added to the Reviews page of Audio & Video Galleries, this one is titled The Great Mouse Detective - In Case You Missed It (by ShippersGuideToTheGalaxy). Also updated the Links page with two new sites to check out: Internet Access For Kids: A Parents Guide and since Easter is coming up this Sunday, the 17, I've added The Great Mouse Detective Finding Mickey .com (Easter Eggs info).

04-08-2022 | New pin alert! Updated page 2 of Merchandise in the Pins section with The Great Mouse Detective Basil pin. This pose is from the 2002 DVD release with him holding up a lantern and magnifying glass. Retail price of $9.99 at Disneyland and Walt Disney World parks. Info and photo was found at the Disney Pins Blog site. If interested, check it out!

04-01-2022 | "By the way, Basil, I just LOVE your disguise!" Added to Scenes for April Fool's Day is the famous moment when Ratigan Surprises Basil and Dr. Dawson by getting the upper hand and setting a trap for them.

03-25-2022 | Twenty updates archived again! Updated the Drawing page of Audio & Video Galleries with a link to an awesome video titled, GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE! Let's draw him! by Dylan Moore. This was a live drawing stream done on Dylan's Twitch channel that goes for about two hours long. It is incredible poses featuring Basil and Ratigan. If you're like me who enjoys watching others draw amazing pictures, check it out!