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Welcome to The Game's Afoot!, the definitive fansite for Disney's 26th underappreciated animated classic, The Great Mouse Detective (1986). Relive the exciting adventures of a clever mouse, Basil of Baker Street, and his arch-enemy, the notorious Professor Ratigan, in London 1897. This site contains the most comprehensive information and media on this underrated Disney gem. Be sure to sign Basil's Guestbook, feel free to contribute, and enjoy!

Note: Please do not take any photos without permission first. If you want to use Fan Art pictures, permission must be obtained from the original artists. Thank you!

11-26-2021 | Updated the Merchandise page under the Apparel section with information on a brand new item from shopDisney. It's a beautiful and intricate handbag called Santa Tails Dooney & Bourke Crossbody Bag. The item has dozens of beloved Disney canines from the animated features including Toby the basset hound. It's also holiday themed since the pups have Christmas decorations or clothing with them. Very adorable but on the pricey, too. Check it out at the provided site links if interested!

11-19-2021 | Updated the Storyboards section once more with another awesome set of animation drawings. This time these were done by Disney Animator Mark Henn with Professor Ratigan and Basil of Baker Street when the Napoleon of Crime got the upper hand ("I've won!"). The set of drawings are being auctioned at Howard Lowery.

11-12-2021 | Added to the Pins section of the Merchandise 2 page is a really big event on December 4, 2021 called Heroes Vs. Villains: An Epic Showdown. This is a huge selection of Disney characters paired as good versus evil. From The Great Mouse Detective is a "How to Be a Hero or a Villain Pin Set" with Basil of Baker Street and Professor Ratigan and the "Sidekicks Mystery Pin Set" with Dr. Dawson and Fidget the Bat. Info and photos were all obtained from the very helpful site, Disney Pins Blog. Check it all out!

11-05-2021 | Remember, remember, the 5th of November ... because it's Mike Gabriel's birthday! Mike was as Supervising Animator on The Great Mouse Detective. In honor of his incredible work on the film, here is a sequence of sketches he drew for the scene where Toby, Basil, Dawson, and Olivia, are on Fidget's trail. Titled15 Disney THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE Mike Gabriel Animation Drawings—TOBY, BASIL, OLIVIA & DAWSON, there are 15 pages available at the auction site Howard Lowery. The auction is going on right now if you'd like to win these pages of animation history, but if not, I will always keep the page up available for your viewing pleasure.