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Artist's Personal Pages:
  • Art of Atarial
  • Art of FerryQueen
  • Art of Heather Leigh & Laureng2
  • Art of Marina Pieroni
  • Art of Mikomi-sama (now sycamoreleaf)
  • Art of Mykenna Tremblay
  • Art of NightMagican
  • Art of SilverCatseyes
  • Art of TopHatTurtle
  • Art of TpT
  • Art of Whispering Colors

    Art Tutorials (Warning: Images are very large!):
  • TGMD Drawing Tutorials - Step by Step (by Drawing Tutorials, Off Site)
  • How to Draw Professor Ratigan Tutorial (by Sempai)
  • How to Draw Basil Tutorial (by Sempai)
  • How to Draw Basil of Baker Street 101 (by Elaine, Lina, and Aralyn)

    On Site:
  • Happy New Year 2020 by Able Tong
  • Professor Ratigan Sketches by Girlfriend
  • Basil by María Cerdeño
  • The great mouse detective by Goran Visnjic
  • Sherlock and Basil - The Milk Thief by caycowa
  • Ratigan by kravinoff
  • Basil, the great mouse detective by KanaHyde
  • 5 Days - Ratigan by ShadowedImages
  • The Distinguished Dead & The Suffering I Hold by Pierz Hazell
  • Incognito at the beach - Sketch by Atrixfromice
  • Mouse Detective by Keila-raven
  • The Detective and the Captain by Crispy-Gypsy
  • Basil of Baker Street by nellmeowmeow
  • The Sleuths of Baker Street by Bogswallop
  • Basil Hawk-Tamer by Teles
  • Solving the crime by Trevor Petersen
  • Finishing Touch by ALS123
  • When He Changed by DanPhan88
  • The Case of the Opera Ghost by ChibiJaime
  • Mr. Holmes wisdom by Laura Mart�nez
  • Happy Anniversary GMD by Bumme4
  • Basil of Baker Street Painted by Iona Campbell
  • Undercover: colored by Amber Lee Stott
  • The Great Mouse Detective by Alyssa Baker
  • Basil of Baker Street by applejaxshii
  • Flavershams by ShakShakalut
  • Felicia by ShakShakalut
  • Basil of Baker Street 3D Model by Tyson Karl
  • Mouse of the Baskervilles by Ickaimp
  • I Poke Basil (colored version) by Wendy McAlister
  • Poke Basil by Wendy McAlister
  • Rat Butler by GMD-girl93
  • GMD: My Word, Yes? by MouseAvenger
  • GMD: Fremdeliebe, Disney-style by MouseAvenger
  • Simple Pleasures by MouseAvenger
  • Fursuit head WIP by uknownprincess

    Off Site:
  • GMD: The Face in the Mirror Poster by The Mouse Avenger
  • GMD: Teenage Rhapsody by The Mouse Avenger
  • GMD: Killer Queen by The Mouse Avenger
  • GMD: Champion Of The Arena by The Mouse Avenger
  • GMD WIP: All The World Is Our Stage... by The Mouse Avenger
  • GMD WIP: Face-Off by The Mouse Avenger
  • Disney Classics 26 The Great Mouse Detective by Hyung86
  • ++I caught a rodent - SH++ by Eirieniel
  • Basil Thanksgiving by Shinku Ame
  • Basil's Grave by Shinku Ame
  • GET IT OUT OF MY FACE BASIL by Lady-Immaterial
  • ::-Keep Looking Up-:: (colored) by Anyango
  • Just KEEP looking up-Com (penciled) by MimiSkitty
  • Basil and Dawson by Lilostitchfan
  • Resubmission: Just a Cough by sapphiregamgee
  • Good Morning Starshine by Sahkmet
  • Under the Streetlamp by Sahkmet
  • Count Ratigan by Sahkmet
  • Blushing Basil by Sahkmet
  • Basil and Ratigan by rinoatilmitt
  • Basil of Baker Street by Henrieke

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