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{ Characters: Bar Maid }

The waitress of the Rat Trap, she is a plump, street smart mouse who knows how to handle herself if ever a bar fight should arise. She and the Bar Tender are familiar with low-life ruffians who stagger into their bar and could recognize new comers if they saw them. Basil (a sailor) and Dawson (a pirate) stick out like sore thumbs, but the Bar Maid remains her calm, civil self. However, at the mention of Ratigan's name from the suspicious sailor, she realizes these two are trouble and need to be dealt with as quickly and quietly as possible. A spiked beverage should do the trick to put the two out of commission. Fortunately, Basil is far too intelligent to fall prey to the drugged pint and gets himself and Dawson out with their fur still intact.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "What's your pleasure, mates?"
  • "There you are, boys. It's uh... on the house."