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{ Characters: Bartholomew }

One of Ratigan's henchmen who's simple mistake cost him his life at an early point in the film. During the famous song, "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind," the very intoxicated little mouse made one slip on the lyrics. His friends did attempt to fix the misunderstanding, but it was already too late. Ratigan rang the bell of death and Felicia, his fat and sassy cat of a pet, got her tasty dinner for the evening.

Bartholomew is dressed in a simple hobo attire and sporting bloodshot eyes, a typical look anyone gives when they've had a little too much of the forbidden fruit. With his desire for alcohol over the celebrations, he seemed to belong more at the Rat Trap pub than a part of Ratigan's gang. One would think he was mainly present for the free food and wine, well, mostly the wine, and that he was not a real henchmen to begin with. Due to his error of name-calling, he will never see the sight of alcohol again, or even the Rat Trap for that matter. A sad fate to a little guy who should have been more careful with his words. Incidentally, Bartholomew was voiced by Barrie Ingham.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "To Ratigan, the world's greatest rat!"
  • "HIC!"