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{ Book Characters: Basil of Baker Street }

The famous detective of the mouse world, Basil is the answer to solving the toughest of cases. He gains his knowledge from the very best: by writing notes down from Sherlock Holmes himself. Basil used to trek all the way from the East End to 221B Baker Street to learn as much as he could from the human sleuth. His good friend and associate, Dr. Dawson, would accompany him on these trips.

After much thought, Basil decided it was time he move in directly below his hero. A meeting was held within his community and they all agreed in turning the basement area into a place for mice families to dwell and prosper, calling it Holmestead. Basil himself is a genius of a mouse, incredibly intelligent, and never refusing anyone who appears at his front door. Aside from solving cases, his favorite past times are archery, archeology, mountaineering and playing the flute. The young mouse is also a proud bachelor, enjoying the single life to the fullest. He cares deeply for his fellow mice and does everything he can to help those in need.