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{ Cast & Crew: Diana Chesney }

Diana Chesney (November 17, 1922 - May 7, 2004) is an English actress born in Mandalay, Burma where her father was stationed as a British Army major. Chesney was only twelve years old when she watched a Bette Davis film and decided she wanted to become an actress. After studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, she landed her first role in "Showboat." The World War II years were spent entertaining both the British and American troops throughout Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Libya. When one of the trains holding the entertainers was bombed by Hitler's air force, the young actress never wanted to ride on another train again.

In 1961, Chesney became a U.S. citizen, continuing her acting on the small screen in such shows as "Fair Exchange" playing Sybil Finch and Lady Ramsey in "Anna and the King" (with Yul Brynner). American audiences enjoyed her guest appearing roles in "Bewitched," "Hogan's Heroes," and "Night Gallery." Chesney had never done voice acting, but her incredible vocal charm as well as the ability to sound snappy fit for the minor role of Mrs. Judson in The Great Mouse Detective (1986). Such a voice sounded perfect when Basil destroyed his landlady's good pillows again.

Chesney would make one last film appearance as a Villager in Mel Brooks' film spoof, Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) before spending the rest of her days with friends, family and her beloved pets in Topanga. Chesney was living at the Motion Picture Home when she sadly died of cancer at the age of 87 in 2004. Her sister, Helen Bonie, two nieces and two nephews continue to live in England.

The photo of Chesney is a screen shot from "Nanny and the Professor" from the episode, "The Tyrannosaurus Tibia." Biographical information provided by Diana Chesney Remembered and Hogan's Heroes Wiki.