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{ Characters: Fidget }

Professor Ratigan's right-hand man, er, bat, Fidget is the culprit behind many of his master's commands including the kidnapping of toy maker Hiram Flaversham. Voiced by the gravel-sounding Candy Candido, Fidget makes a memorable screen appearance, enough to rate as one of the top Disney villains of all time. The character was intended for light, humorous moments, yet his devilish, gargoyle-like features have been known to frighten young viewers.

Like many sidekick villains, Fidget lacks in brain power and appears at times absent minded. It is this little failing that causes Basil to pick up a hot trail on Professor Ratigan's scheme. Two of his handicaps, a broken wing and peg leg, also land him into a bit of trouble when encountering the super sleuth.

Other aspects the little deviant falls prey to is the taste of alcohol (Rodent's Delight to be exact), watching pretty girls dance at a bar, and playing with wind-up toys. Although, he played with the toys to divert his enemies and make a clean get away!

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Get the following. Tools, check. I got tools. Gears, double check. I got gears. Girl, no, didn't get girl. Uniforms, I got plenty uniforms!"
  • "I got the gears, I got the tools, I got the uniforms, I got the girl, heh-heh-heh-heh."
  • "Owww! My foot, my only foot!"
  • "The list, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well you see uh, it was like this. I was in the toy store getting uniforms when I heard, A-roo A-roo...A dog came. I ran. I had baby bonnet, girl in bag and Basil chased me."
  • "Not me, you idiot. No, you stupid fur ball! Open up! Open up! Ai, ai, ai! Oh, ow! You're hurting my wings!"
  • "I'm too young to die!"
  • "Let me be good to you...Ba-boo ba-boom...So dream on, and drink your beer...Your baby's here!"
  • "Here you are sweetheart."
  • "Over here, fatty. You're a ton, toots."
  • "Here kitty, kitty. Time for mouse chow."
  • "No! Not me! I can't fly! I can't fly!"