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The Great Mouse Detective Movie Poster Card

Disney's Animated Features Movie Posters Trading Card #26: Celebrate the classic Disney Film Poster Art of the 20th century with this collection of 38 trading cards, featuring all 38 films from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Fantasia/2000. Also includes two very special Fantasia re-release poster art cards available only in this Collector's Tin.

Back of card: Set in London in 1897, The Great Mouse Detective follows the Sherlock Holmes-like adventures of Basil and Dr. Dawson as they launch a rescue mission to find Hiram Flaversham, a toy maker who was kidnapped by the evil Ratigan. Ratigan plans to have Hiram construct a robot replica of Queen Moustoria for him to use against the throne. With the help of Olivia, the toy maker's daughter, they foil the villain's plan in a confrontation that takes place inside the workings of Big Ben. This film was released July 2, 1986.