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• Clock Tower/Big Ben Virtual Tour (Courtesy of

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This is what I call a Facebook Wall photo gift. A Sherlockian friend named David shared a picture with text saying, This Person Is A Sherlockian. Since David only shared the photo, the original creator is a mystery. However, I decided to take this concept and make my own picture for fans of Basil. All you do is Upload it as a Wall Photo without any description. Enjoy!

After three years of being the web mistress here, this is just a little something I created to say Thank You to everyone for your wonderful support!

A holiday image created by me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Gift from Ruben Procopio at San Diego Comic Con '09!

A lovely gift from Kira of some quotes and photos with Basil!

Basil of Baker Street in silhouette profile. Available for personal use only.

This is a cute plush of Basil that I adopted and added at two profile locations. The plush is available at The Ink & Paint Plush: Adoptables Site Go ahead and adopt him, he doesn't bite! ;)

March, 2007

Courtesy of Tea Party