Heart of Cold
By Veronica Trump



Prologue: Step into time.

I was once a human...a human girl named Veronica,the age of 13...It all changed however one day...
Before I tell you all that has happened to me on my adventure, I must tell you what started it.

It was a hot day, and my friends and I were trying to keep cool, or so I thought. As I was

watching my favorite movies, when I heard a bang, then a boom, and finally a yell from Electra which sounded like this: OMG, IT'S DONE!!! Ana, Veronica, come here!!!

Wondering what was going on, I went to see. She had finished a time machine that she had been working on for nearly a year!

However, she needed to wait a day before using it and she needed someone to test. We thought to choose who later.

So I went into a lair of mine, it was like my own little world filled with spellbooks and technology, a place where I could be myself.

I knew that I needed to be the one to test it, so I pulled out my trick coin so I would be chosen. Then I grabbed all my disney movies, but everywhere I looked, I couldn't find The Great Mouse Detecitve.

But I had to do it without it...but before I tried doing it, I was thinking why I was doing it in the first place...


Me: Give it back!!! It's mine...I spent my own money on it!!!

Bully #1: No way you retard!!!

Bully #2: Hehe...retard...she really is one...

Both Bullies: Haha!!! Haha!!!

(they both trip over and break my necklace)

Me: What was that for!!! *sob*

Bully #1: For being retarded AND fat!

Both Bullies: Haha!!!

(I go back to my home)

Me: Mom!!! Mom!!!

(No answer)

Me: mom...dad?

(no answer)

Weird man #1: I'm afraid both your parents are dead...

Me: !?

Weird man #2: But someone they call "Electra" has offered you to live with her...

Me: *still with my mouth wide open and tears running down my face* Great, does everything bad always happen to me?

(5 hours later...)

Me: OWWW!!!!!!!!!

Electra: What happened?

Me: There's a nail in my wrist and it didn't start hurting until now!!!!

Electra: When did you get the nail in there?

Me: An hour ago...

Electra: Looks like you'll need a shot.

(another hour later)

Me: YOW!!!!

Electra: Looks like if we pull the nail out, you'll die.

(I show a dangerous look to Electra)

Electra: What? What's with the look?

Me: Let's see, where do I start, oh yea, how about when I GOT MY MOST IMPORTANT NECKLEACE BROKEN, BOTH MY PARENTS DIE, AND I HAD TO GET A *cue censor bar*-ING SHOT BC A NAIL IS STUCK ON MY WRIST!!!!
AND I STILL HAVE DEAL WITH BEING AN OUTCAST AND GLOBAL WARMING!!!This place isn't built out for people like me.
It's like the only place where my mind and disney are one is away from home...*cue glowing lightbulb* I hear you've been working on a time machine...

Electra: Yeah, but it'll be ready in 8 and a 1/2 months.

Me: I think it'll be worth it...(makes a smirk behind her back)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END OF FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I knew now was not the time to stop the plan, I said a few magic words and the videos were levitating (The spell was needed to help me choose a video)

But before the spell was done, there was a knock at the door and all the videos dropped and broke!

It failed, I thought there was nothing I could do, until I saw a rat on my computer and it opened my disk-drive and showed The Great Mouse Detective inside!

The rat was gone before I could thank it...it was like fate sent that rat to help me.

No matter, I turned it into a portal. (SO WHAT, I KNOW MAGIC!!! A LOT OF MAGIC!!!! The nail made it hard however.)

I was ready to go, all I needed was to get my mouse potion and my mini dress and I was ready to go!

The next day, I was nervous like heck...would animated past London be any better than right now?

 But then what happened? Electra suggested we roll dice because she didn't trust if any of us had brought trick coins.

Ana rolled 9. I was in trouble because I was never any good at luck games, what made me think dice would make me any luckier?

I closed my eyes and rolled...a 10!


As I stepped into the time machine, I thought: "Goodbye 2008,Goodbye Canada...goodbye...because I knew I might never return..."

To be Continued...