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Title: GMD: My Word, Yes?
Artist: MouseAvenger
Submitted to TGA: July 10, 2009
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Resolution: 1068x1900
Original viewing site: deviantART

Artist's Comments

One of the pics in the very first batch of my new-&-improved GMD fanart! I had done this back in Christmas holiday, while spending time at my grandma's house, so here it is, for all to view! ^_^ What you're looking at a colored-in picture of my GMD fanfic character, Mr. P.R. Altoid. Looks like he's seen something rather awe-inspiring, yes?

Character Models / Based On: Mr. Deltoid (from "A Clockwork Orange"), Aubrey Morris
Voice Actor: Aubrey Morris
And now, for a brief copyright & disclaimer:

  • All "Great Mouse Detective" characters, properties, & elements (C) Disney.
  • All "A Clockwork Orange" properties & elements (C) Anthony Burgess, Stanley Kubrick, & Warner Bros. Studios.
  • Mr. Altoid & the above deviation (C) me.

    When you're finished reading, please be sure to leave feedback when you're done. I'll take anything from comments to constructive criticism, as long as they're not flames or delivered in an overly-harsh, stern, or mercilessly-nitpicky manner.

    P.S.: The original sketch for this picture can be found here: [link].

    P.S.S.: I may shade this in later...but as a general rule, I don't usually shade in my fanarts, so I'm rather new to the game. Does anyone have recommendations for shading techniques?