Description (from Jim Miles): In my younger days, I used to "stage door" at theatres on Broadway, meaning I would wait at the stage door with a crowd to meet and have my picture taken with members of the amazing Broadway cast. The first show I ever saw on Broadway was JEKYLL & HYDE, and I was thrilled to realize Barrie Ingham was in the cast! Barrie Ingham was the voice of Basil, the Great Mouse Detective. I met him at the stage door. When I told him I was a huge Disney fan, he started doing Basil for me! I was so nervous, I didn't realize it. He was so very kind. His performance in JEKYLL & HYDE as Sir Danvers Carew is preserved on the Original Broadway Cast Recording and on the DVD recording starring Colleen Sexton and Andrea Rivette (oh, and David Hasselhoff).

Photo is to Jim Miles