Title: Basil Blowin' the Blues
Artist: Brina
Submitted to TGA: July 9, 2010
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Resolution: 656x400

Artist's Comments
Before Barrie Ingham came in to audition for the voice of Basil, they were seriously considering former Monty Python star John Cleese. Having such a comedic actor in the role of the detective sparked a lot of writing in ways that would surround his unusual interests. For example, instead of playing the violin, Basil was written as having a desire to blow out tunes on a tuba. I was told of this information in a private message by Disney director John Musker. It made me laugh so hard, I had to create a scene of Basil blowing on a tuba just for fun. None of this is hand drawn by me. I only took a movie screenshot and added in a picture of a tuba with Basil. The original picture is of him naturally holding his violin. The credit for this inspiration has to go to John Musker himself. Personally, Basil playing a tuba seems very un-Holmes, and how could he even play a sad melody when the instrument is mainly used in lively songs? Thank you for viewing and, please, do not steal this without permission first!

Basil is Eve Titus/Disney
Art creation is Brina
Created in CorelDRAW Photo Paint 8 1997