Olivia: This way, Basil! Come on!



Title: A Run in Regent's Park
Artist: Brina
Submitted to TGA: March 26, 2010
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Resolution: 712 x 525

Artist's Comments
This was created with the use of merging images and drastic color changes to original pictures. Basil's Pose was taken from the title page of the UK storybook: "Disney's Basil The Great Mouse Detective" published by Fleetway. He was flipped to the opposite direction and then had a total recoloring job on his suit, shoes, fur and nose. His teeth were also broadened to two exposed incisors and his tail was thinned out. Seeing his position looked a little bizarre by itself, I put Olivia in to have a reason of why his arm is being pulled forward. She was added in through various screenshots all sculpted and recolored to form her in a moving position. The background is a random scene of Regent's Park from Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) of just bushes, grass and the dirt path. It was then maximized to fit their mouse sizes.

The Great Mouse Detective and its characters is Eve Titus/Disney
Art creation is Brina
Created in CorelDRAW Photo Paint 8 1997