"Punch it!"


Description:  After the success of The Great Mouse Detective, Basil would once again appear to audiences, but in the form of a bronze statuette. In 1990, the Disney Afternoon premiered "Darkwing Duck," a costumed caped crusader who battles evil doers of St. Canard. By day, he appears as mild-mannered Drake Mallard, taking care of his nine year-old niece (Gosalyn) and avoiding his pesky neighbors, the Muddlefoots.

The bronze statuette sits on a table between two chairs in Drake's living room. If the head is pressed down, Basil's eyes open. A mechanism triggers, rapidly flipping the two chairs, and sending Drake and his sidekick, Launchpad, down an underground path to Darkwing's secret headquarters: one of the towers of the Audubon Bay Bridge. This concept was inspired by the 1960's TV series, "Batman," starring Adam West and Burt Ward. The heroes used a William Shakespeare bust to activate a secret door and take them down to the Bat Cave.