Description: This is known as a Studio "In-House" book for The Great Mouse Detective. It's the full story of the movie in partial script form and partial story telling. It's got added scenes and altered/deleted dialogue that I'd like to share below:

Movie version:
In the very beginning before the credits, as Flaversham is giving Olivia her present, the audience sees a creature slowly walking with a peg leg up to the toy shop. He cackles as he walks along, but his face is never revealed.

Script version:
Outside in the darkest shadows one claw-like hand strikes a match in order that the business card in the other may be viewed. In the glow of the match there is a quick glimpse of a wicked-toothed grin. "Hiram Flaversham's Toys" appears in neat black print on the card. Quickly the match is blown out, and darkness swallows the figure.

Movie version: Dawson finds Olivia crying in a discarded boot. In the Script, he finds her in a crack in the wall of a building.

Movie version (As Basil gets down on all fours to look for the bullet):

BASIL Now... (He gets on his hands and knees and searches on the floor) I know that bullet's here somewhere- (Olivia has found it and is holding it up for him. He takes it.) Thank you, Miss...

OLIVIA Flaversham. Olivia Flaversham.

BASIL (Distracted) Whatever.

OLIVIA Yes, but you don't understand-


Script version:
Soon Basil locates the bullet he's been searching for and heads for his chemistry set.

Movie version (When Olivia tries to talk to Basil as he sadly plays the violin):

Basil flops into his chair and slowly reaches for the violin sitting beside him. As he plays, Dawson nudges Olivia encouragingly, and she walks towards him, determined to make him listen.
OLIVIA Now will you please listen to me? My Daddy's gone and I'm all alone.
BASIL (Pauses play) Young lady, this is a most inopportune time. (He resumes playing, but after Olivia's sad face, decides to humor her) Surely your mother knows where he is.

Script version (note that Basil is never mentioned playing his violin here):
At last Olivia manages to get Basil's attention. "Now will you please listen to me? My Daddy is gone and I'm all alone."
Basil still is distracted, but Olivia persists. He sighs, "I'm certain there's a simple explanation. Your father might have been called away on some urgent business. Surely your mother knows where he is."

There is a big change in switching around the scenes in the beginning. After the scene cuts from Basil's flat and goes to Ratigan's lair, the Script version has it go straight to the scene with Ratigan singing "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind," then to Ratigan talking to Flaversham with the Queen robot, and finally talking to Fidget with the shopping list. In the Movie version, the order is changed to this: Ratigan talks to Flaversham with the Queen robot, next he gives the shopping list to Fidget, and then he does his song and dance routine before the scene jumps back to Basil's flat.

Script version (Finding Fidget's hat): Mrs. Judson never appears to console Olivia as Basil and Dawson come back inside.

Script version (When greeting Toby): It is extremely trimmed down. The Holmes and Watson scene is completely cut (they're not shown at all), Basil introduces Toby to Dawson, but he doesn't growl or detest him. Olivia befriends Toby with the cheese crumpet, but the belly rub scene is cut.

Movie version (At the Rat Trap): Basil strikes a match and lights a cigarette outside the door. In the Script, Basil lights his cigarette after entering the pub. Dawson also bumping into the woman who blows smoke in his face is not in the script.

Script version: At the Rat Trap, Miss Kitty sings a softer ballad that puts Dawson into a deep trance. When she appears with her two other dancers to do a bawdy can-can, Dawson becomes embarrassed to where he doesn't want to watch anymore. When the drinks arrive, he uses that as a diversion and downs it quickly while Basil pours his out.

Movie version (after escaping the Rat Trap):

Down below, Basil sees Fidget up ahead, climbing into a drain pipe. Basil motions for Dawson to follow him and they quietly creep behind, as Fidget sings the show tune to himself.

FIDGET Let me be good to you...Ba-boo ba-boom.... So dream on, and drink your beer...Your baby's here!

Basil and Dawson look into the pipe, seeing Fidget disappear into the darkness.


BASIL (shushes him and climbs inside) Follow me.

The camera slowly pans upward. From inside the pipe, we can hear Basil and Dawson as they make their way up the pipe.

DAWSON Great Scott. I can't see a thing.

BASIL Shh. Grab my coat and follow along. No, no, no, not that way. Dawson, look out for your-

A sealed cap rattles as Dawson walks straight into it.

DAWSON Oww! Confound it!

The camera continues moving up along with Basil and Dawson.

DAWSON Do you have any idea where we're going?

BASIL But of course. Left turn. Right turn here, Doctor.

Script version (after escaping the Rat Trap):
The chaos above fades as Basil and Dawson descend into the sewer from the barroom above. Ahead of them they can make out the figure of Fidget hopping into a sewer pipe. With no hesitation, Basil and Dawson climb into the pipe in cautious pursuit.
"Shhh...not a word...not a cold breath," whispers Basil.

In the entire Script, Basil never pronounces Flaversham wrong, nor does he ever say it to Olivia. The only time he says the word is when addressing Hiram and Dawson to untie the balloons at Buckingham Palace, and it's the correct way.

Script version: Big Ben strikes twelve o'clock instead of ten o'clock when Basil rings Ratigan's bell. Oh, and the bell is described as a silver bell even though it's yellow in the film.

Script version (the farewell scene at the end had a big part removed along with more altered dialogue):
A couple of days later at Basil's flat, Dawson is nailing up a newspaper photo. It is a photo of himself and Basil kneeling before queen Moustoria. The headline beneath reads, "Queen Moustoria Honours Detective!" Dawson finishes nailing up the photo. "Very thrilling, eh, Basil?"

A pleased Basil is throwing Ratigan's picture in the fireplace. "All in a day's work, doctor. Although I must admit, it's not often that I'm invited to Buckingham Palace."

Olivia hugs Dawson. "Oh, Dr. Dawson, you were wonderful!"

"Indeed!" replies Mr. Flaversham. "And, Basil, Olivia and I want to give you this."

Basil accepts the proffered gift with a feeble protest, "Oh! Uh... ahem... this is quite unnecessary!"

"It isn't nearly enough, but..." Flaversham stops, full of emotion.

Basil carefully opens the package. It's a new Mousivarius violin! He is delighted. "Why...a new Mousivarius!" Immediately he takes out the lovely instrument and begins to play. "Oh, marvelous tone...ha-ha! Well, I don't know what to say!" As Basil becomes speechless, Mr. Flaversham chuckles and then glances at his watch.

"Oh, my! We're late to catch our train." He picks up his hat and coat. "Come along, Olivia."

"Yes, Father." Olivia gives Basil a big hug. "Goodbye, Basil. I'll never forget you."

"Nor I, you."

With a final hug Olivia and her father depart.

I have to say this or my head will explode: Basil got a new violin in the script! What's awesome about reading this deleted scene is I drew a picture of Basil getting a new violin from the Flavershams. In 2008, I made a picture of Basil seated in his red chair and holding a new Stradivarius while giving Olivia a kiss on the cheek. I've always wanted to draw such a scene when I felt bad he accidentally broke his violin. I was so thrilled to see a similar scene happened in the script. They should have left it in the final film!