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Title: Disney's The Great Mouse Detective

Publisher: Western Publishing Company

ISBN: 0-307-12555-6

Description: This is the first of two Golden Look-Look® Books with illustrations instead of still photos. The plot is the same as from the film, but cuts out the detail and pictures from specific scenes: when Basil and Dawson escape Ratigan's overkill trap, the aerial balloon chase, and the Big Ben finale. The scenes are shown in the second book appropriately titled, Basil's Great Escapes. Aside from those, this book also cuts out or alternates scenes from the film. They are as follows:

Hiram giving Olivia her birthday present in his toyshop before getting kidnapped by Fidget.

Instead of Basil dressed as a Chinese mouse, he is wearing his sailor disguise when first meeting Dawson and Olivia.

Basil doing forensics on the two bullets.

Basil's depression, playing the violin, and reluctance to help Olivia.

Bartholomew's death.

The entire Rat Trap scene of the performers, dancers and Dawson getting drugged.

Basil taking over the Queen robot's controls and mocking Ratigan.

Olivia getting kidnapped to start the balloon chase. In fact, the ending at that point makes it seem like Ratigan was captured, preventing the aerial chase or final Big Ben scene from ever happening, even in the second book!

The Lady Mouse coming to Basil for help after the Flavershams depart.

Where can it be purchased: The book can be found online at, eBay, and Alibris.

Copyright © 1986 The Walt Disney Company