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Title: Disney's The Great Mouse Detective: Basil's Great Escapes

Publisher: Western Publishing Company

ISBN: 0-307-12555-6-4

Description: This is the second of the two Golden Look-Look® Books with illustrations instead of still photos. The book mainly covers the deleted scenes not shown in the First Book: The escape from Ratigan's trap, the aerial balloon chase, and the Big Ben finale. In this book, there is slight differences to these scenes compared to the film:

During the escape of Ratigan's trap, the final weapon, the anvil, does not cause a vibration to rattle the wine bottle and help Olivia out of her confinement. Instead, Basil changes out of his sailor costume and poses with just Dawson for Ratigan's camera. He then goes and pulls Olivia out of the wine bottle (you can see the picture of Basil holding her on the back of the book).

During the aerial balloon chase, Basil leaps onto the underside of Ratigan's dirigible instead of ripping the wing's fabric from above.

During the Big Ben finale, there is no fierce battle between the two. Instead, Basil outwits Ratigan with math by asking what's 47,688 divided by 3,947. As Ratigan is distracted by trying to think of the answer, the clock bongs loudly and the vibration knocks him off to his death. Basil being thanked by the Queen is cut at the end, although it's mentioned in the first book. Also, a new client arrives for help, but there is no detail on the mouse being female or missing a ring on her finger.

Where can it be purchased: The book can be found online at, eBay, and Alibris.

Copyright © 1986 The Walt Disney Company