Title: Happy birthday, Barrie Ingham
Artist: Mikomi-sama
Submitted to TGA: February 11, 2011
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Resolution: 600 x 712
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Artist's Comments
I did not just made this... did I? *looks* Nope, I did it. Exam tomorrow yet I still couldn't help myself

Happy birthday, Barrie Ingham! May you live a long, long life! (and hope you like roses )

The flower border I am particularly proud of, yet I can't say I take all the credit for it either My main source of inspiration were those absolutely phenomenal Victorian-age frames which I adore beyond words At one point I noticed that Basil actually seamed to pale in comparison with the border (much to many details on them, too few on him ) which is why I went a bit overboard with the shading as well as altered his color scheme a bit

And now, back to study

Basil of Baker Street/Great Mouse Detective Eve Titus/Disney artwork Jessica P. (2011)