Basil: Dawson, you fool! Can't you see it's a trap?

Ratigan: Curses!


Clip with Basil, Dawson and Ratigan (00:10)

Description: These images and video clip are from the "Disney's House of Mouse" episode, "Donald's Lamp Trade." In the episode, Mickey calls Donald a ham in good fun. This in turn upsets the fiery-tempered duck to strike a deal with Jafar to fetch 'the lamp' in order to get back at Mickey. Like all episodes, the camera tends to pan around the tables of the many different guests of the club, all of which are Disney characters from animated features. In this brief scene, Dawson is tempted by a large piece of cheese sitting beside his table. He goes to get it when Basil pulls him back, telling him it's a trap. The camera then pans over to a large mousetrap with the baited cheese. Ratigan pops up from a hole in the ground and mumbles his regret to the viewers at home. Basil and Ratigan were voiced by Maurice LaMarche.