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Welcome to The Game's Afoot!, the definitive fansite for Disney's 26th underappreciated animated classic, The Great Mouse Detective (1986). Relive the exciting adventures of a clever mouse, Basil of Baker Street, and his arch-enemy, the notorious Professor Ratigan, in London 1897. This site contains the most comprehensive information and media on this underrated Disney gem. Be sure to sign Basil's Guestbook, feel free to contribute, and enjoy!


Site Updates

07-31-2020 | In honor of Val Bettin's birthday (August 1st), I added the clip of him and Barrie Ingham talking about their characters, Basil and Dr. Dawson, during the documentary, The Making of the Great Mouse Detective. It's been added to the Audio & Video Galleries page, Making of Featurette.

07-24-2020 | Updated the Games page with photos and information on the App game, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode with Basil of Baker Street as a new character added in on July 21st. The App is free to download with 'virtual' purchases within the game that act like real money. The page gives basic information with outside links for additional help and credits.

07-17-2020 | Updated the Scenes page with a short clip featuring Michael Eisner introducing The Disney Sunday Movie, Hero in the Family. The episode was broadcast on September 28, 1986. The introduction showed Basil of Baker Street and Professor Ratigan amongst the Disney characters with Michael outside the Walt Disney Animations Studios. These were the same larger-than-life characters that roamed around the Disney theme parks. The clip I made originally came from a video shared by Walt Disney Introductions (YouTube).

07-10-2020 | Chilling and taking it easy this week with The Great Mouse Detective film the backyard on a summer evening. Updated the Miscellaneous photo section GMD Watching with the Brown family. Pull up a lawn chair, have some s'mores, and enjoy! Original photo belongs to Jill & Ben Brown (Instagram).

07-03-2020 | Updated the Reviews page with Siskel & Ebert Review The Great Mouse Detective in 1986. The 1992 re-release review was added awhile back, so this is the first time the famous movie critics watch and give their verdict on the film. Did they both give it a two thumbs up? Watch and see! The video clip was provided by Derek Ruff (YouTube).

06-26-2020 | Updated the Miscellaneous photo page section Odds and Ends with a video, GIF, and image from the Wonderful World of Animation 2019, an event celebrating 30 years of Disney's Hollywood Studios and 90 years of Disney animation. The nighttime show was held on a projector on the outer buildings of the Grauman's Chinese Theater. Basil briefly appears at the 11:15 mark of this particular video shared. Original video by LMG Vids.

06-19-2020 | Added another fantastic artist to the Professional Artists page: Tim Artz! He showed a Dutch comic panel page featuring Professor Ratigan up to no good again. The Dutch comics were known as "De Speurneuzen." Please check out Tim's Instagram for more great comic panel-style works!

06-12-2020 | Updated the Storyboards & Sketches page with images and info on three new concept art designs: Basil's Flat, The Human Toy Shop, and Basil and Dawson in The Rat Trap. The first was by Art Director James Coleman while the other two were by Disney Legend Mel Shaw. Also added to the Cels page is another one with Basil and Dawson in The Rat Trap. All four are up at Heritage Auction. Check them out if interested in placing a bid!

06-05-2020 | Added info and photos of a new awesome Mickey Ears Creation to the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous photo page. This one features Basil, Ratigan, Dawson, and Fidget and it was made by Ear All About It. Check out their Main Instagram for more incredible works!

05-29-2020 | Updated the Professionals page showcasing some artwork by Disney Animator (Pumbaa from The Lion King 1994 Disney animated feature) and Director (Mulan 1998 Disney animated feature) Tony Bancroft. Tony, along with dozens of other artists, attended Quarantine Con 2020 and did some art comissions. Three artworks were of Professor Ratigan and one was with Basil of Baker Street. Check out Tony's Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for more great works of art.

05-22-2020 | Added at the Interviews page a newly found Vincent Price Interview with Larry King (June, 1986). He briefly mentions Professor Ratigan and The Great Mouse Detective. That portion was added only with the full video uploaded by TheTVisions. I highly recommend watching all of it!

05-15-2020 | Updated the Books (with GMD Mentioned) section of Merchandise (Page 1) with information/photos of They Drew as They Pleased Vol 5: The Hidden Art of Disney's Early Renaissance. While it has a small section from The Great Mouse Detective, the rest is full of gorgeous and stunning concept art from other Disney animated feature films of the 1970's and 1980's.

05-08-2020 | Added to the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous photo page is information on a color design of a pacifier holder. The images are of film covers including The Great Mouse Detective. Created by Mystical Treasures on Instagram, they have a lot of designs to view. Also available at their eBay account: Mystical Treasures and Trinkets.

05-01-2020 | Added Jon Pinto to the Professional Artists page with a gorgeous design of a Great Mouse Detective Poster. It features Basil, Dr. Dawson, Professor Ratigan, and Olivia Flaversham. Jon also shared images of his Work in Progress (WIP) of the poster as well as typed up a lovely story about his love for the film and joining the Disney family. It's available to read at his Blogspot!

04-24-2020 | Added The Great Mouse Detective - 1992 Disney Channel "Dateline" Segment to the News Clips of Audio & Video Galleries. This is a shortened version of "The Making of The Great Mouse Detective" featurette that appeared on the Disney Channel for the re-release of the film. In 1992, it returned to theaters under the title, "The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective." Original video uploaded by The Disney Animation Resource Channel.

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