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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

12-30-2022 | Updated the Pins section (of Merchandise 2) again because of some exciting news of more exclusive pins, this time coming from Disneyland Paris. From Mousesteps, there are three new pin releases in January 2023 featuring The Great Mouse Detective characters including Mrs. Judson! I don't think she's ever been on a pin before! The other two feature Professor Ratigan and Fidget. See you all in 2023! Happy New Year! 🥳🥂🎊

12-23-2022 | Updated the Pins section of Merchandise 2 with photos and info (from Pin Trading Database and Disney Pins Blog) on the DSSH - Holiday Cat Wreaths - Felicia. This is a super adorable pin that's also a perfect gift for those who love the film and are cat lovers, too.

12-16-2022 | Updated the Professional Artists page with adding Corbin Delaney Illustration of Basil inspecting a gift. This reminded me of the artwork I did eons ago with Basil looking at a gift closely with Olivia and Dr. Dawson watching him. Please check out Corbin's Facebook for more incredible works!

12-09-2022 | Updated 'The Game's Afoot Sightings' section of the Miscellaneous photo page with another addition of the Twelfth Doctor uttering the quote in the Doctor Who Titan Comics story, "Relative Dimensions, (Year 1, Issue 16). This section was for sheer amusement of finding other characters from different worlds that have similar traits to Basil or anyone from The Great Mouse Detective film. The Twelfth Doctor even once called himself "Basil"!

11-25-2022 | "Now will you please listen to me?" Since today's date is National Day of Listening, I decided to share at Scenes the moment when Basil of Baker Street finally listens to Olivia Flaversham, discovering her case involves the nefarious Professor Ratigan.

11-18-2022 | Here is a Flashback Friday to November 18, 1928 to wish a Happy Birthday to the first mouse that started it all: Mickey! For this week's update, I tried to find any photos that exist with both him and Basil of Baker Street and so far came across their larger-than-life selves with Michael Eisner. Added to Contemporary Cast & Crew, this was from the opening intro to the Disney Sunday Night Movie, Hero in the Family from 1986.

11-11-2022 | Updated the Scenes page with Enter Basil And Deduces Dawson Is A Surgeon to honor Armistice/Veterans Day (November 11th). I felt this was an appropriate subject to add for today's date. I hope you enjoy it.

11-04-2022 | This week I just updated a section for the Music & Lyrics page with the help of the web site Discogs. It features both information and beautiful photos of The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective original soundtrack (by Henry Mancini). If you haven't purchased the soundtrack yet, I highly recommend it. The music is wonderful to listen to, especially on a rainy day.

10-28-2022 | With Halloween 🎃 coming up next Monday, I decided to spotlight both Vincent Price and Professor Ratigan with this update: At the Reviews page, I've added Vincent Price - The Prince of Horror (Ratigan Clip Only). This was a short clip made by me with full credit to Dizographies original video, Vincent Price - The Prince of Horror. I highly recommend watching the entire video plus checking out Dizographie's YT Channel!

10-21-2022 | Updated the Pins section of Merchandise 2 with a photo and info of WDI - Mice Profiles - Basil Limited Edition 300. Originally sold at D23 Expo (September 9 - 11, 2022) at $22.95, this rare pin can be found at places such as eBay, but expect to pay a very high price of $200 or more!

10-14-2022 | "Excellent work, Dawson!" I agree on the excellent work! Updated the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous photo page with a wonderfully detailed embroidery patch featuring Basil of Baker Street. Created by Eeva Andersson (saoswife of Instagram).

10-07-2022 | With the anniversary of the UK cinema release coming up (October 10, 1986), I added Basil, the Great Mouse Detective UK TV Spot to the Trailer page of Audio & Video Galleries. Finding something like this was very hard to do, so don't blink as you watch this very short yet fun advert for the film!

09-30-2022 | Updated the Craftwork section of Miscellaneous with info and photos of a GMD Painted Backpack by Briana. This is an amazing work of art placed onto a Backpack Purse for her sister. Check out Briana's Instagram for more great works!

09-23-2022 | For National BRAVE Day, I updated Scenes with "Olivia Confronts Professor Ratigan," when she tells him she's not afraid of him, not caring about the consequences. His line, bless Vincent Price, makes me laugh every single time!

09-16-2022 | Updated the Backgrounds page with Yuyao's gorgeous digital designs of Basil's sitting room. They are the first three images with the fourth image being a screenshot from The Great Mouse Detective film. Please check out Yuyao's Instagram for more great works!

09-09-2022 | Updated the Coloring Pages page with images and info to the Happy Color App. The app is available for phones and Google Play. It features four scenes from The Great Mouse Detective. A link is available to the main web site of Happy Color App to view and download the game.

09-02-2022 | Updated the Professional Artists page and John Quinn's section of his next CGI addition: Olivia Flaversham, the super adorable and brave girl who went up against foes such as Professor Ratigan and Fidget the Bat. Yet, according to one comic story in Disney Adventures, she and Fidget are friends. Who knew? 😆 Please check out John's Instagram for more great works! 😁

08-26-2022 | For National Dog Day 🐶 (August 26th), I added a clip called "Here's Toby!" for Toby's first introduction to the Scenes page. Toby was animated by the very talented Mike Gabriel. 🥰

08-19-2022 | Updated the Disney Daily Calendar pages section of Miscellaneous with a new page from the 2022 Disney/Pixar Desktop Calendar. Basil and Dr. Dawson were featured on Monday, August 15, 2022. It's at the scene where the pair examine Fidget's shopping list.

08-12-2022 | Archived 20 more updates. This week I once again updated Professional Artists and John Quinn's section with his Basil of Baker Street 3D image! Yay! He looks fantastic. Please check out other photos and a full circle turn video of Basil's image at John's Instagram page.