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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

03-18-2022 | This week I unfortunately had to update the In Memoriam page with the passing of Akira Takarada, the Japanese voice actor for Professor Ratigan. πŸ˜’πŸ’” Takarada was best known in the Godzilla film series. He was 87. At the Scenes (Foreign) page, there is a YouTube link to hear him sing in "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind." Arigato gozaimasu, Takarada-san. πŸ’πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅β€οΈ

03-11-2022 | "Egad, Basil! Brilliant!" In honor of Rob Paulsen's birthday πŸŽ‚πŸ₯³ (March 11), I updated the Fan Art page with a wonderful crossover work of Pinky and the Brain and The Great Mouse Detective, or the ACME Labs duo posing in the same style as Basil and Dr. Dawson. Full credit goes to Deez-art (of tumblr).

03-04-2022 | Updated the Music Videos page with a submission from Pokedash55 to share their video, The Great Mouse Detective Amv ~ MACAVITY. It's a fan made video of presenting Professor Ratigan to the song of "Macavity" from the musical, "Cats."

02-25-2022 | Updated the Miscellaneous photo page under the Odds and Ends section of a postcard featuring The Films of Ron Clements and John Musker. The postcard was created before 2016, so it shows characters from the six films they directed: Basil from The Great Mouse Detective (1986), Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989), Aladdin and Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (1992), Hercules from Hercules (1997), Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet (2002), and Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog (2009). The postcard was found on barryjjournal's IG.

02-18-2022 | These bags are so 'doggone' cute! Updated the Merchandise page (under Apparel) with two same but different designs of bags: Disney Dogs Tote Bag by Dooney & Bourke and Disney Dogs Crossbody Bag by Dooney & Bourke. These have an array of lovable pooches including Toby, the Basset Hound, from The Great Mouse Detective. Colored in a pink background, it's a nice design to use during the month of February. Even though both are unfortunately out of stock at this time, I'm still providing information for the items in case more become available.

02-11-2022 | Since February 10th was Barrie Ingham's 90th heavenly birthday πŸŽ‚, here is a short but sweet clip to make you smile: GMD Final Scene and Script Reading with Barrie and Val at the Scenes page. I basically combined two videos from The Great Mouse Detective film itself and from the 'making of' video as Barrie Ingham and Val Bettin read from the script. Their portion was added thanks to the clip, Behind the Scenes of The Great Mouse Detective on the Disney Channel from 1993 by The Dead Media. I also had to update the pages for Val Bettin's Biography and In Memoriam. It has been confirmed the voice actor of our beloved Dr. Dawson has passed away at the age of 97 on January 7, 2021. 😒

02-04-2022 | On this date twenty years ago (February 4, 2002), we sadly lost Eve Titus, the original writer and author of the Basil of Baker Street children series. 😒 For the anniversary of her passing, I put together a photo collage of all five book covers from their first editions: Basil of Baker Street (1958), Basil and the Lost Colony (1964), Basil and the Pygmy Cats (1971), Basil in Mexico (1976), and Basil in the Wild West (1982). It's been added to her Biography Page.

01-28-2022 | Updated the Music Videos page with a simple clip that is mainly to enjoy almost four minutes of Henry Mancini's beautiful score. Arranged by PΓ€r Frederiksson and published by Hafabra Music (on YouTube), this is a wonderful version to listen to!

01-21-2022 | Updated the Animation GIFs page with a collage I made called Hugs All Around For National Hugging Day (January 21st). I created six moments when Olivia Flaversham embraced another in the film such as her father Hiram, Basil, and Dr. Dawson. Enjoy!

01-14-2022 | Updated the Pins section of Merchandise (page 2) with information on the Good vs Evil Spinner Pins #1 at Disney Employee Center (from Disney Blogs). These pins are only available online and to Disney Employees, but many times they appear on sites such as eBay for purchase.

01-07-2022 | Updated the Games page with an image and link to The Great Mouse Detective Characters Quiz (by PurposeGames). All you have to do is click the 7 characters in the picture when their name appears. Sounds easy enough, but the catch is trying to click in the fastest time possible to get a better score!

12-31-2021 | For the last site update of 2021 for The Game's Afoot!, here is a 12-photo collage of one random addition from each month of this year. I included animation, merchandise, craft work, and direct memories from The Great Mouse Detective film itself. I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year. Bring on 2022! 🎊🍾

12-24-2021 | Updated the Professionals page with artist S T E with his adorable Disney 'Christmastime' collage with Basil of Baker Street included. Basil appears in the lower left-hand side of this masterpiece, but the entire work itself is fantastic. Check out Instagram for more great works! Merry Christmas, everyone! πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ„β„

12-17-2021 | Just for fun of the holiday season and a Flashback Friday, here's a very rare Christmas Ornament featuring Professor Ratigan (Added to Christmas Ornaments of Merchandise page 1). The original source was at eBay UK years ago and the only known source at this time is from WorthPoint. This ornament is great, also looks like something that could easily be replicated if you wanted to!

12-10-2021 | Added to the Apparel section of Merchandise is photos and information on the shop Disney item: Santa Tails Dooney & Bourke Backpack. It's just like the Crossbody Bag with the pattern of several beloved Disney dogs (including Toby the Basset Hound) with holiday decorations and clothing.

12-03-2021 | Added to the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous photo page is a really cute concept. Created by ForAllThingsComic of Etsy, this is a Great Mouse Detective Inspired Pattern where it features objects related to the characters and themes of the film (i.e. Basil's deerstalker, Professor Ratigan's bell, Olivia's scarf, etc.). The pattern can be purchased on a mug, cutting board, or coaster. Very nice!

11-26-2021 | Updated the Merchandise page under the Apparel section with information on a brand new item from shopDisney. It's a beautiful and intricate handbag called Santa Tails Dooney & Bourke Crossbody Bag. The item has dozens of beloved Disney canines from the animated features including Toby the basset hound. It's also holiday themed since since the pups have Christmas decorations or clothing with them. Very adorable but on the pricey, too. Check it out at the provided site links if interested!

11-19-2021 | Updated the Storyboards section once more with another awesome set of animation drawings. This time these were done by Disney Animator Mark Henn with Professor Ratigan and Basil of Baker Street when the Napoleon of Crime got the upper hand ("I've won!"). The set of drawings are being auctioned at Howard Lowery.

11-12-2021 | Added to the Pins section of the Merchandise 2 page is a really big event on December 4, 2021 called Heroes Vs. Villains: An Epic Showdown. This is a huge selection of Disney characters paired as good versus evil. From The Great Mouse Detective is a "How to Be a Hero or a Villain Pin Set" with Basil of Baker Street and Professor Ratigan and the "Sidekicks Mystery Pin Set" with Dr. Dawson and Fidget the Bat. Info and photos were all obtained from the very helpful site, Disney Pins Blog. Check it all out!

11-05-2021 | Remember, remember, the 5th of November ... because it's Mike Gabriel's birthday! Mike was as Supervising Animator on The Great Mouse Detective. In honor of his incredible work on the film, here is a sequence of sketches he drew for the scene where Toby, Basil, Dawson, and Olivia, are on Fidget's trail. Titled 15 Disney THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE Mike Gabriel Animation Drawingsβ€”TOBY, BASIL, OLIVIA & DAWSON, there are 15 pages available at the auction site Howard Lowery. The auction is going on right now if you'd like to win these pages of animation history, but if not, I will always keep the page up available for your viewing pleasure.