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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

10-29-2021 | Happy Halloween this Sunday! 🎃 Since it's still October and Halloween season, I updated the Music Videos page with a very awesome video. Titled Meet Ratigan | Disney Villains, it was shared at The Great Mouse Detective Facebook page a few months ago. We may have sadly lost his voice actor, Vincent Price, but the legacy of the Napoleon of Crime will live on forever!

10-22-2021 | This week I added a wonderful colorized photo version of Supervising Animator Mark Henn animating Professor Ratigan to the Behind the Scenes page under Animators. It was originally found at the Walt Disney Archives of the Facebook page.

10-15-2021 | Updated Merchandise (Page 2) with images and info on the 2021 Funko Pop Funkoween figure of Vincent Price! I know it's not really GMD-related, but he was the original voice of Professor Ratigan. Not to mention his figure is holding a cat, paying homage to Ratigan's pet feline, Felicia. I just had to share this; it's too awesome to pass up!

10-08-2021 | Updated the Trading Cards section of Merchandise (page 2) with photos/info on Disney Collect! by Topps. Shared here is The Great Mouse Detective featured cards. This is all in the digital age of collecting and interacting with the cards on an App with an Android or iOS. Check out the links for all the important details on how to get started.

10-01-2021 | Updated the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous photo page with some very cool movie props created by Kristi O. For The Great Mouse Detective, she's so far made replicas of Basil's photo of Professor Ratigan (with Felicia's dinner bell), Olivia's ballerina doll, and Ratigan's voodoo doll of 'that second-rate detective.' I highly recommend checking out her Instagram for other great works!

09-24-2021 | Updated the Music Videos page with a really awesome rendition of "Let Me Be Good To You" (by Sonia Roman). From the Mad Cow Theatre's 'Fur Load' Virtual Cabaret with piano accompaniment Justin Smolik, I was greatly impressed!

09-17-2021 | Added to the 'Posters' section of Merchandise (page 2), this is a Paper Cut Light Box work of art created by LightBoxGoodMan. It features the characters in a similar style as the 1992 promotional poster with some differences. It's a very lovely item that has a lot of wonderful details put into it.

09-10-2021 | Updated the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous photo page with a pretty awesome cosplay photo of Margaret Ann dressed as Professor Ratigan and holding Olivia's Ballerina Doll. Margaret created the doll herself and shared it at her Instagram.

09-03-2021 | This is just an update to an existing page. Added more photos and information to the Merchandise page for The Great Mouse Detective Legacy Sketchbook Ornament - 35th Anniversary - Limited Release. Visit the shopDisney site to order the ornament!

08-27-2021 | Happy Birthday to ... me! 🎂🎊 I received an email of an awesome drawing of Professor Ratigan to start off the Halloween season (late August counts!) from Shawn Duffy and added it to the Professional Artists page. Like all web pages at this time, the poor thing is badly under construction with a lot of broken links. It's a work in progress.

08-20-2021 | Updated the Cels page with another great image from Heritage Auctions: A Basil Production Cel featuring the famous mouse detective searching in his exaggerated oversized coat pocket. The Cels page, like many others here, are under construction. Thank you for your patience!

08-13-2021 | Updated the Backgrounds page with a new beautiful image: Diamond Jubilee Celebration Background, by James Coleman. The painting was already sold at Heritage Auctions, so this is just a way to showcase it at the site.

08-06-2021 | More updates at Merchandise (page 1) with The Great Mouse Detective 35th Anniversary Legacy Ornament! Available at Shop, this ornament depicts Basil emerging from his front door with magnifying glass in hand, ready to solve another mystery.

07-30-2021 | Updated Merchandise (page 1) in the Apparel section with images and information on The Great Mouse Detective 35th Anniversary MagicBand 2. It's a Limited Edition wristband used in the Walt Disney World Resort only that helps keep track of important things digitally. Available while supplies last at the web site.

07-23-2021 | Updated page 2 of Merchandise at the Pins section with info on The Great Mouse Detective Magical Comics Pin. It's a limited edition pin of 2,500 to honor the film's 35th Anniversary. What makes it unique is the cover opens like a book to show character signatures and a comic panel page. Check it out!

07-16-2021 | Added a great photo to the Behind the Scenes page of John Musker (Director, Adapted Screenplay) sitting with Matt O'Callaghan storyboards behind him and Ruben Procopio maquettes of Professor Ratigan, Olivia Flaversham, and Basil. Photo was originally shared by Daniel Wyche (on Facebook). If the page looks a little wonky, that's my fault from still trying to get used to the new editing ways of the site builder!

07-09-2021 | Updated Page 2 of Merchandise at the Pins section with information on Mickey's Of Glendale Online Pin Release. It started July 9th at 9 am of very rare and exclusive pins including ones from The Great Mouse Detective. Important to note: this event is for Cast Members and Employees only, but I still wanted to share the information here. You never know when such pins will become available at places like eBay or pin trading at the parks.

07-02-2021 | Happy 35th Anniversary to The Great Mouse Detective! And goodness, am I having a whale of a time navigating the new editor section at Vistaprint for the web pages! For this week, I created a collage featuring concept art, sketches, animation cels, and final production stills within a Number 35 Template. Also added was a submission by MouseAvenger of two original drawings of Basil's Violin Present (Deleted Scene). She did the coloring only. All added to the Fan Art page of the fansite. Thank you for visiting; I've still got a lot of kinks and broken links to fix!

06-25-2021 | I just received news that websites including this one, The Game's Afoot!, have been migrated from to Vistaprint. The change over was an unexpected one, so I was unprepared for anything new to share. I did, however, make an Animation GIF of Basil and Dawson from the toy shop scene when they run in one direction and then turn around to escape a toy wheel rolling after them. I'm using this as a metaphor not to go back, but to keep moving forward as well as slowly but surely adapt to the new changes I will be facing.

06-18-2021 | Updated the I [heart] page with another Walt Disney Confessions with this anonymous person saying they strongly connect with Basil through his many quirks. The entry was submitted to the Tumblr blog, Walt Disney Confessions, on December 3, 2020.