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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

06-11-2021 | Updated Margaret Ann's page at Miscellaneous with her step-by-step video on how she made Olivia's Ballerina Mouse Doll. The link to her YouTube video (as Sherlock Proffitt) has been added to the Drawing page of the Audio & Video Galleries.

06-04-2021 | Updated the Merchandise page and Apparel section with photos and info on a Two Dish Towel Set featuring many of the Disney animated feature cats including Felicia from The Great Mouse Detective. The towel set is currently available at the Shop Disney web site.

05-28-21 | Updated the Press page with an article by Kiki Evans: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Great Mouse Detective. There are things you may not know about the film or things that you do, so check it out if you like! :)

05-21-2021 | Added an amazing sculpture of Professor Ratigan to the Professional Artists page. Created by Vint1k, this is a wonderful work of art plus I'm honoring the upcoming birthday of Vincent Price (May 27th), the legendary actor behind the voice of the Napoleon of Crime himself. Please check out Vint1k's other jaw-dropping works at his Instagram!

05-14-2021 | Updated the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous photo page with images of an adorable creation of Olivia Flaversham's Ballerina Doll (given to her as a birthday present from her father). Made by Margaret Ann, please check out her Instagram for other wonderful works!

05-07-2021 | Added Great Mouse Detective 35th Anniversary Art as a new section to the Miscellaneous photo page. The first awesome artwork I came across was created by Billy_W Art of Instagram. Between now and July 2, 2021, this is where I would love to add more works, so please keep them coming! :)

04-30-2021 | Updated the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous Photos page with some images featuring artwork of Fidget the Bat. Created by Stephanie Orta, her shop is currently closed at this time, but you can still check out her Instagram to view other great works!

04-23-2021 | For Talk Like Shakespeare Day, here is a nice addition to the Interviews page of Audio & Video Galleries: Barrie Ingham (Voice of Basil) discusses Shakespeare, Star Trek, acting and writing. From the YouTube video of PalmBeachPost.

04-16-2021 | Updated the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous page with another adorable art image, this one featuring Olivia Flaversham and Toby the Basset Hound by Ashley Taylor. This is a series of "What if" digital works of the characters visiting Walt Disney World.

04-09-2021 | Updated the Animation Backgrounds page with a gorgeous Great Mouse Detective Print from Van Eaton Galleries. The description at their site says Ratigan's living quarters, but it's really Basil's (with the view of his two chairs and fireplace mantel). The print has already been sold, so this has just been added to spotlight its stunning colors and details.

04-02-2021 | At Craftwork, I updated the GMD Easter Egg page with two more photos from Walt Disney World Through My Eyes. This was during the Fourth Annual Easter Egg Display at the Grand Floridian of Walt Disney World.

03-26-2021 | Added FCM's brilliant art featuring Basil with a magnifying glass to the Professional Artists page. Please check out more awesome work at the Main Instagram!

03-19-2021 | Added a photo and information to the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous photo page of The Great Mouse Detective Phone Grip Design. Created by StarWandererCo. it's one of those pieces that attaches to your phone to hold it up. Check out their Instagram and Etsy pages for more great items!

03-12-2021 | Updated The Series page with photos and information on The Great Mouse Detective Mastermind Collection. This is a paperback set of the five original Eve Titus books and the three newer stories by Cathy Hapka. With beautiful illustrations by David Mottram, this book collection can be purchased at Amazon or has also been spotted at Barnes & Noble.

03-05-2021 | Updated the Contemporary Cast & Crew page with another photo from my personal collection. This one is of Barrie Ingham at his autograph table at the Creation Entertainment Convention (September 28, 2007) in Sacramento, CA. He was signing a photo of Basil (see Autographs).

02-26-2021 | Added a YouTube link to the Reviews page of Audio & Video Galleries for the following: THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE Bean Bags (Set of 4) Stuffed Plush Value Toy Review (by BBToyStore). This is for buyers interested in knowing the current price value of the plush toys of Basil, Dr. Dawson, Ratigan, and Olivia Flaversham.

02-19-2021 | Happy Birthday to Canadian Disney artist Pete Emslie! Updated the Professional Artists page to showcase info and a photo of the Olivia Flaversham 3D Model created by Megan Hupin. Megan has been featured before after discovering her wonderful 10 second animation clip (added to the Scenes page a few years back). Check out her Main Site for more incredible 3D works!

02-12-2021 | In honor of the Lunar Chinese New Year today, I updated the Scenes page with the scene of Basil first appearing dressed as the Chinese mouse, scaring his guests Dr. Dawson and Olivia Flaversham. I also made a GIF of him in disguise and added it to the Animation GIFs page.

02-05-2021 | Updated the Contemporary Cast & Crew page with a beautiful colored photo of Barrie Ingham and Val Bettin holding their Basil and Dr. Dawson maquette figures. Also wanted to do an early shout out for Barrie's birthday next Wednesday, February 10th.

01-29-2021 | Information and photos on a new Felicia pin from Disney Cats and Dogs Mystery Pin Collection has been added to the Pins section of Merchandise (page 2). These pins have been spotted in Walt Disney World stores and are sold as a surprise to the buyer, not knowing which cat or dog they'll get until opened.