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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

11-29-2019 | Updated The Series (Eve Titus books) page with information on Book 8, Basil and the Library Ghost (by Cathy Hapka). These new books are being published by Simon & Schuster and the adorable illustrations are by Dave Mottram.

11-22-2019 | Added three new 8x10 black and white photos to Contemporary Cast & Crew featuring Professor Ratigan by himself and then two more with Basil and Ratigan (photos 01 and 02) as the larger-than-life characters seen at Disneyland. They are from an Estate Photographer from Disneyland and on eBay by seller expertonlineauction. Since they are on auction or Buy it Now, the links to the original photo sources are for a limited time.

11-15-2019 | Disney + has arrived, and many are looking to the nostalgia ones including The Great Mouse Detective. Two households are enjoying the 1986 film, Allison and johniedarko (from Instagram). Their photos have been added to the GMD Watching section of Miscellaneous photos. Check with your cable provider for Disney +, also available on mobile devices!

11-08-2019 | Added new images to the Fan Art section GMD As Humans with Basil, Dr. Dawson, Olivia Flaversham, and Professor Ratigan by artist kii (Main Instagram).

11-01-2019 | Updated the Pins section of Merchandise (Page 2) with a new DSSH (Disney Studio Store Hollywood) Pin Trader Delight (PTD) featuring Toby, the Basset Hound, eating ice cream. Only available at the store or if sold by others such as through eBay.

10-25-2019 | Updated the Craftwork section at the Miscellaneous photo page with another custom-made Mickey Mouse Ears (by Enchanted CharactEARS). This one features likenesses of Basil of Baker Street (teal-colored cravat, tweed material, magnifying glass, and clock cogs to symbolize Big Ben's clock tower scene). Check out their Main Instagram for other incredible and unique designs.

10-18-2019 | Added to Professional Artists images and info of a beautiful watercolor painting by Rachel Kaiser (main Instagram) featuring Basil, Dr. Dawson, and Olivia during her interrogation scene. An amazing artist; please check out her Instagram for more incredible works!

10-11-2019 | A homage to my dad since today he celebrates his birthday, he used to draw beautifully with his subjects ranging from people to backgrounds. This is a brilliant speed drawing of Big Ben (by Mr Deep on YouTube). It's been added to the Drawing section of Audio & Video Galleries. The music is also nice to listen to, so keep the sound up. Enjoy!

10-04-2019 | Added a photo and info to the Craftwork section of Miscellaneous of Mickey Ears creations by Handmade and Disney Inspired (also Head Over Tales Craft Co. at Etsy). These Mickey Ears feature colors and themes of Olivia Flaversham and clock cogs representing London and the Big Ben sequence of the film.

09-27-2019 | Updated the Pins section of Merchandise (page 2) with another Limited Edition: Pin Trading Nights exclusive featuring Basil of Baker Street and Toby. This pin will be sold at the special event on November 7, 2019, at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort parks.

09-20-2019 | Updated the Miscellaneous photo page at the section Tattoo Art with a new and beautiful design of Basil of Baker Street. The tattoo artist is 🦄Jackie Huerates🌈 (Instagram).

09-13-2019 | Happy Friday the 13th! Added an image and information for the rare Limited Edition 300 pin, Disney Villains & Sidekicks featuring Professor Ratigan and Fidget the Bat. Sold at this year's D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA (August 23 - 25, 2019). This can only be found if sold online at places like eBay. Added to Page 2 of Merchandise under the Pins section.

09-06-2019 | Info and an image were added to the Apparel section of Merchandise (page 1). This is a T-shirt design featuring Basil of Baker Street and it is being currently sold at With every $10 spent, they help provide a meal to someone in need.

08-30-2019 | New and rare pin released as a Limited Edition of 300 at this years D23 Expo (August 24, 2019), this one features Felicia, Professor Ratigan's pampered feline, taking a cat nap. Although sold out, it could be found for purchase at places such as eBay. The image and information have been added to the Pins section of Merchandise (Page 2).

08-23-2019 | Showcasing new art of The Great Mouse Detective by James Silvani featuring Basil investigating Mickey's glove. It was for a pre-drawn sketch cover to be sold at this year's D23 Expo. Added to James' listing of Professional Artists.

08-16-2019 | Added information and photos on THREE new Disney pins to the Merchandise (page 2) section of Pins. They're from the Disney FairyTails collection and feature the following: On the first pin is Toby the Basset Hound with Basil hanging on the blue leash, a silver paw print with a collage of Disney characters including Toby, and then a Mystery pin you get by surprise of Felicia the Cat.

08-09-2019 | Just added "Smile, everyone!" to the Animation GIFs section to promote the recent news of a live action in the works for The Great Mouse Detective. The web site, We Got This Covered, released the news while I also heard it from one of my Disney animator friends that worked on the original feature in 1986. More information will be given as it comes available!

08-02-2019 | Updated the Basil of Baker Street Audiobook page at Merchandise by adding in the two new books: Basil and the Big Cheese-Cook Off and Basil and the Royal Dare. Like the previous five releases, these audiobooks are also narrated by Ralph Lister and can be found at Amazon (or any other audiobook sites) for purchase.

07-26-2019 | Updated Professional Artists with a new spotlight on Jamie (known as paperpaintpixieink on Instagram). Please check out the rest of the gallery; it's amazing!

07-19-2019 | Updated the Games section with information and photos on the board game, Disney Villainous. A new expansion pack has been added titled Evil Comes Prepared with three new villains to play with: Professor Ratigan, Scar (The Lion King), and Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove). Due out July 28, 2019.