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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

04-17-2020 | Updated the Behind the Scenes page with two wonderful photos and information on Supervising Animators Glen Keane (Professor Ratigan's Dad) and Kathy Zielinski (Fidget's Mom). The photos and info were greatly provided by Jim Miles on Instagram for Glen and Kathy.

04-10-2020 | Updated the Professional Artists page with a section for artist Brian Hess. He did a "Six Fanarts" challenge with Basil as his first choice. Many artists have been doing this challenge, some of which will ask others on social media which other characters or subjects to pick. Please check out the rest of Brian's wonderful artwork at either his Instagram or Official Site.

04-03-2020 | Added to the Animation GIFs page the scene of Fidget scaring Olivia as he hangs upside down outside Basil's window. This was just intended as a metaphor to get a message out of how important it is at this time for everyone to stay at home and stay safe. Fidget represents the dangers lurking outside while Olivia represents being safe inside. Please do as you are told and do not leave your home unless it's absolutely necessary to, such as to go to the store for groceries. When out, please the proper protection too. Take care, all!

03-27-2020 | Updated the Professional Artists page with a beautiful art piece featuring Basil holding a gun with a clock face behind him. It reminds me of a stained glass window. The image was created by Andrew Small (at Instagram). He's done other lovely works, so please check out his Main Instagram when you get the chance!

03-20-2020 | Added 8 images of Vance Gerry's drawings to the Concept Art section of Storyboards & Sketches. These are early stories in the film's plot such as Olivia Flaversham as an adult. All of them are lovely works from one of the greatest Disney Legends of all time. Check them out and enjoy!

03-13-2020 | Added a page to the Games section with a YouTube video, HOW to WIN as RATIGAN or a strategy guide to make sure the villain is triumphant in the end, by Lord of the Board. This is for the RPG series Evil Comes Prepared expansion pack with Professor Ratigan.

03-06-2020 | Added to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page with a photo of a wonderfully detailed cake featuring Basil of Baker Street. Credit goes to Carrie Dot (of Instagram). There are many other incredible food designs to look at with characters, so please check out her Main Instagram!

02-28-2020 | Added an image and info of illustrator Danny Beckwith to the Professional Artists page. He created a beautiful design of Basil with clock cogs. Check out his other works at his Instagram or Official Site!

02-21-2020 | Updated the existing information for The Great Mouse Detective Funko Pop figures with links to purchase all three (Ratigan, Basil, and Olivia) at, plus added high resolution photos to get a better look at each figure. Information and images have been added to Merchandise Page 2.

02-14-2020 | Added to the Craftwork section of Miscellaneous photos another creation by Enchanted CharactEARS. This one features themes and colors for Professor Ratigan. Please check out their Main Instagram for more great items!

02-07-2020 | Updated the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page with a PNG sticker featuring Basil and Olivia from the 2010 DVD cover. Created by Ethan Shaw at PicsArt.

01-31-2020 | Added another brilliant animation test clip to the Scenes page of Audio & Video Galleries. This one is also of our mouse hero on the prowl. It's called, Sneaky walk of Basil, in The Great Mouse Detective by Rabah Boi. Check out the main Instagram for more great works!

01-24-2020 | Updated Merchandise (page 2) with photos and information on the Funko Pop figures. The news was released at the 2020 London Toy Fair with the first three figures from The Great Mouse Detective: Basil of Baker Street, Professor Ratigan, and Olivia Flaversham. The figures will be sold in regular retail stores as well as online.

01-17-2020 | Added to the Odds and Ends section of Miscellaneous photo page, Melissa from IG created a recipe on to how to make Mrs. Judson's Cheese Crumpets. For those who love to bake and want to try this out, the full list of instructions are at her main web site, Just a Spoonful of Sugars.

01-10-2020 | Added to Professional Artists are three digital pieces featuring
Basil of Baker Street, Professor Ratigan, and Olivia Flaversham. From artist Disney Doodle (main Instagram), each picture has a Hidden Mickey has somewhere within. Great work, please check out their IG for more pictures!

01-03-2020 | Happy New Year, everyone! I've updated the Fan Art page (On Site section) with Happy New Year 2020. It's a beautiful and detailed collage of all the Disney mice ringing in the New Year as well as acknowledging the Year of the Rat in the Chinese zodiac. Artwork credit goes to Able Tong. Please check out other works too!

12-27-2019 | The last update of 2019 goes to another creation to keep these characters alive and well. I've added images and information to Craftwork of a beautiful embroidered patch featuring Basil of Baker Street, Dr. Dawson, and Olivia Flaversham. Created by Rachel Holland of Instagram, it was made as a commission.

12-20-2019 | Added an image and info to the Craftwork section of Miscellaneous photo page of two handmade Christmas ornaments featuring a Basil and Ratigan Good Vs Evil theme. Created by SuspendedAnimationNY (main Etsy page), they are very detailed and worth getting for any collector of The Great Mouse Detective film!

12-13-2019 | Added three video clips of an animation test featuring Basil's movements by Jon Densk (main Instagram). The first is rough keys, then inbetweeners, and lastly full color. All have been added to the Scenes page of Audio & Video Galleries.

12-06-2019 | Fully updated the Cels page with all new links to fix any broken images, also added a rare Basil Pointing cel from Heritage Auctions. This cel came from a set of model color suggestions (i.e. a brown cravat instead of teal), therefore, it did not appear in the final production of the film. With an added background, it would make a fine addition to someone's art collection.