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04-10-2015 | Added eight photos from the special screening of The Great Mouse Detective to the Phoenix Cinema section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

04-03-2015 | Added photos and information on The Great Mouse Detective Easter Egg (from the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World) to the Miscellaneous page.

03-27-2015 | Added another image of from WD_Confessions to the i [heart] page. It's the one of Olivia hugging Basil, posted on March 18, 2015.

03-20-2015 | This week I added a link to the video, The Great Mouse Detective - 1999 "Watch, Solve, and Win" Mystery Sweepstakes to the Trailers page. Also added eight gifs from it to the Animation Gifs page.

03-13-2015 | Added some reading material this week: an image and information on the book, A Mouse in Transition: An Insider's Look at Disney Feature Animation (by Steve Hulett) to the Merchandise page (under the category Books), and a Basil of Baker Street Character Essay (by Johnny-Ether) to the Fan Fiction page.

03-06-2105 | Added a new WD_Confession (Basil and Dawson with Fidget's list) to the I [heart] page.

02-27-2015 | Happy Birthday to GMD Fan, FerryQueen! Added to her Personal Art Gallery is a piece titled Maleficent and Ratigan. Also added at the Foreign Merchandise page is information on two of the three Japanese egg figures (Basil and Olivia) from Tomy Choco Party.

02-20-2015 | Added two more concept art pieces to the Storyboard & Sketches page, one with Basil and Ratigan, the second of Basil and Dawson outside a window shop called Snoops.

02-13-2015 | For this Friday the 13th, I found an image of a DVD with a rare Valentine slip cover. It's been added at the Merchandise page under DVD Release. Also added a new WD Confession (the demise of Felicia) at the I Heart page.

02-06-2015 | Added a photo (from my collection) of Barrie Ingham and Jeremy Bulloch to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page. Also added photos and information on the Danish board game, Mesterdetektiven Basil Mus, to the Foreign Merchandise page (under Games).

01-30-2015 | For those who haven't heard yet, Barrie Ingham, Basil's English voice actor, has passed away on the 23rd of January at the age of 82. This week I would like to share some Tribute Art made by fans, along with his official Showreel at the Music Videos page.

01-23-2015 | Added the January 20th image from the Disney Desktop Calendar to the Miscellaneous photo page. Also added four images of Japanese posters to the Foreign Merchandise page.

01-16-2015 | Added two huge rough sketch sheets of Dr. Dawson to the Storyboards & Sketches page (under Model Sheets).

01-09-2015 | Added three sketches, two of Basil, one of Ratigan, by Glen Keane, to the Storyboards & Sketches page.

01-02-2015 | Hope everyone had a good time ringing in the new year! Added this week is an amusing Original Production Art of Ratigan grinning to the Storyboards & Sketches page. Also added to the Trivia is The Great Mouse Detective references from the Doctor Who episode, Deep Breath.

12-26-2014 | Hope everyone had a nice Christmas Day. Added to the site this week is eight images (four concept art and four sketches) to the Storyboards & Sketches page. The concept pieces are: Basil in his captain disguise, Dawson in his sailor disguise, Professor Ratigan in royalty garb, and Basil showing Olivia the portrait of Ratigan. The sketches are: Fidget cowering, running off with Olivia, Felicia prowling, and Ratigan in a standard pose.

12-19-2014 | Added a photo and information for Basil, the Great Mouse Detective Limited O-ring slip cover to the Merchandise page (under DVD Custom Covers). Happy Christmas to all for next Thursday, December 25th!

12-12-2014 | Added two video links to the Audio & Video Galleries: The Great Mouse Detective 1986 Disney Summer Classics Featurette (at the Making of Featurette page) and The Great Mouse Detective Unlocking the Mind (at the Music Videos page).

12-05-2014 | Happy Birthday, Walt Disney! This week I added images of Russian Nesting Dolls with the GMD characters painted on them. Original design by S.Marie Bacavis.

11-28-2014 | Archived twenty more updates and decorated the homepage for the holidays. Also added photos by two creative artists: A Basil ear hat by RecyclEARS, and nail polish art by Rachel Lucas. Both are in the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

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