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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

02-15-2019 | Updated the Fan Art section, GMD As Humans Art, with a really nice one of Basil (by fopdoodles of Instagram).

02-08-2019 | Added an image and info to the Games page to a Jigsaw Puzzle game with The Great Mouse Detective characters. Puzzles made by

02-01-2019 | Honoring the release of Kingdom Hearts III, Andrew Dickman (of Instagram) made a quick yet awesome sketch of Basil of Baker Street holding a Key Blade. Added respectively with credit/links to the Professional Artists page.

01-25-2019 | Updated the Merchandise Foreign page with a new section for Books, starting with a Basil Detective Privé book and figurine set. Each book is a history on the making of the animated feature. With the book comes a small figurine of the main character.

01-18-2019 | Added a new and beautiful line-art gem of just Basil of Baker Street (by Laura Truxillo of Instagram) to the Professional Artists page. Please check out her other brilliant works...and photos of her adorable cat, Harpo. Sorry, Basil! ;)

01-11-2019 | Updated the I [heart] page with a new image from Walt Disney Confessions (from the Tumblr account of the same name). This one, the anon talks about when understanding a certain villain, they definitely had to go with Ratigan due to his attributes. I agreed, especially the part about being a cat person! :)

01-04-2019 | Happy New Year, everyone! Updated the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous photo page with two new additions by AnyaZoe (of Instagram). They are handcrafted crochet dolls of Basil of Baker Street and Professor Ratigan. Check out her Etsy store.

12-28-2018 | The wonderfully talented Comiz Inc, who made the Big Ben finale with Basil and Ratigan (Page 1) in comic panel form, has updated with Page 2! Image has been credited and added to their section at the Professional Artists page.

12-21-2018 | Basil is looking at you! This rare pinback button featuring Basil of Baker Street has now been added to the section of Pinbacks/Buttons of Merchandise Page 2.

12-14-2018 | Just added an adorable photo of two cute kids getting ready to watch the film (by Deanna Allmon Rightmyer) to the section of GMD Watching at the Miscellaneous photo page.

12-07-2018 | Added a photo and info on a new Animation Cel from Van Eaton Galleries. This one features Professor Ratigan running through the inside of Big Ben's clock tower. Item has already been sold. Added to the Cels page of Photo Galleries under Van Eaton Galleries.

11-30-2018 | Added Comiz Inc to the Professional Artists page with their comic panel art featuring Basil and Ratigan's final showdown inside Parliament's clock tower.

11-23-2018 | Added a YouTube video link to the Music Videos page: My Goodbye So Soon Karaoke (by Eli Vandersaul). The singer matches very close to Vincent Price's voice! A very fun and entertaining video to watch. :)

11-16-2018 | A new Walt Disney Confessions was shared with a fond memory of loving both The Great Mouse Detective and The Rescuers in their childhood. It's been added to the I [heart] page, respectively.

11-09-2018 | Updated the Merchandise page (2) under the section Pins with a newly released PTD (Pin Trader Delight) featuring Hiram Flaversham. This is from the El Capitan Theater and Disney Studio Store Hollywood (DSSH), so it's only given through an ice cream sundae purchase.

11-02-2018 | Updated a section I haven't in years: the Easter Eggs of Disney theme parks, when something GMD-related is found. This was during Halloween at Tokyo Disney of a tapestry featuring Professor Ratigan. Photographed by U-chan of Instagram. The photo is credited and in the Easter Eggs section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

10-26-2018 | Perfect update for Halloween next week, artwork (with work in progress images) of Professor Ratigan by Claudio Varela (Instagram), has been added to the Professional Artists page. Check out their main Instagram for more of their amazing works of art.

10-19-2018 | Added a new professional artist, Marina Bianchi, to the Professional Artists page with a photo of her WIP (work in progress) of a digital design of Olivia Flaversham.

10-12-2018 | Updated the Merchandise page and section of DVD Release with NEW news (posted October 11!) of the release of The Great Mouse Detective Steelbook Blu Ray special edition. Set for release on November 5, 2018, pre-orders will be taking place on October 13th.

10-05-2018 | Added to the Craftwork section of Miscellaneous photos, this is an awesome paper mache of Basil, created by Tessa leigh of Instagram. Intended for work as a mystery prop, this idea came to mind to make a four foot tall creation of Basil!