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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

09-28-2018 | Updated the Scenes page with The Great Mouse Detective (1986) Voice Actors Cast and Characters | Behind Disney Voices (by ShowBiz News). It's a helpful guide for all the lead voice actors and actresses of the film by doing a side-by-side picture of their character and themselves.

09-21-2018 | Artist James Silvani created another incredible drawing featuring the Napoleon of Crime while attending the Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo. Art has been added to James' section at Professional Artists. Check out his other brilliant works, too!

09-14-2018 | Added to the Merchandise (first) page under Books: A new book titled Disney Who's Who: An A to Z of Disney Characters. Published September 5, 2017. It has a section for The Great Mouse Detective characters starting on page 177.

09-07-2018 | "Two million dollars!" A short yet very awesome Professor Ratigan animation test by Julien Chery (Instagram) has been added to the Scenes section of the Audio & Video Galleries.

08-31-2018 | Added photos and information on the artwork of Basil and Ratigan (by Mads King of Instagram) to the Professional Artists page.

08-24-2018 | Updated the photo and information on the picture of Basil with French singer Douchka with finding a larger size to showcase. The old link is outdated, but still goes to Getty Images. Proper credit has been given. Original photo is still at Contemporary Cast and Crew.

08-17-2018 | At the Nucleus Gallery page at Photo Galleries, I've added three missing pieces that were showcased (and sold) at the 2016 Exhibition: "An Art Tribute to the Disney Films of Ron Clements & John Musker." One is from Alexandria Neonakis while the other two are from keiko (artworks 1 and 2).

08-10-2018 | Updated the I [heart] with an older found Walt Disney Confessions confession, this one was posted on October 19, 2015. They were confessing about being yelled at and making them upset, like when Basil chided Dr. Dawson, something many of us can relate to.

08-03-2018 | Added photos and information for the Disney Sand Magic summer event in Oostende, Belgium. They've made another creation of The Great Mouse Detective. It's been added to the Craftwork section of Miscellaneous photos.

07-27-2018 | Added a photo and information on another talented creator of special Mickey Ears. This one is called Sparkalicious Ears, and she made a beautiful one featuring Toby the Basset Hound. Added to the Craftwork section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

07-20-2018 | New pin released this month! A rare and exclusive Limited Edition of 700 from Disneyland Paris (DLP), there is a new pin series called "My Cat." This one features Ratigan's sassy feline, Felicia. He is also shown in the picture holding his dinner bell. The photo and information have been added to the Pins section of Merchandise (page 2).

07-13-2018 | The beautiful sculptures of Basil, Ratigan and Fidget by Carlos Roberto Pérez López, followed by Dr. Dawson and Olivia by María Hidalgo are all complete! All have been added to the Professional Artists page at the proper sections of each artist. But, as always, check out their other works linked at Instagram!

07-06-2018 | Added images and information for Basil and the Big Cheese Cook-Off, a brand new detective story written by Cathy Hapka, from the original Eve Titus book series! Available for purchase in October, 2018, from Simon & Schuster publishing. Also added the beautiful cover artwork by book illustrator Dave Mottram (as David at Simon & Schuster) to his section at the Professional Artists page.

06-29-2018 | Updated the Storyboards and Sketches page with two new images during the Airship Chase sequence and Big Ben final showdown with Basil and Ratigan. The latter has a different ending of dialogue compared to what is in the film.

06-22-2018 | Updated the personal Fan Fiction page of The Mouse Avenger with two submissions she sent awhile back: a songfic titled, If I Never Knew You, and a fanfiction titled, Dieter's Present. Also submitted two of her works to the Fan Art page: GMD WIP: Face-Off and GMD WIP: All The World Is Our Stage....

06-15-2018 | More updates with photos and information on the WIP with Professor Ratigan's sculpture from Carlos Roberto Pérez López of Instagram. He's got arms now! :)

06-08-2018 | Another update and photo of the WIP (work in progress) with Basil of Baker Street and Professor Ratigan by Carlos Roberto Pérez López of Instagram. Basil now has arms and Ratigan's hands are on the floor! They're almost finished!

06-01-2018 | Another WIP update (to Professional Artists) with the two sculptures of Basil of Baker Street and Professor Ratigan has been added to the Instagram page of Carlos Roberto Pérez López. They're coming along wonderfully!

05-25-2018 | A few more WIP photos from Carlos Roberto Pérez López working on a Basil of Baker Street clay sculpture, with the addition of Professor Ratigan. Added all to the Professional Artists page!

05-18-2018 | A couple of new Professional Artists to spotlight this week in the art medium of clay sculpting: Carlos Roberto Pérez López is working on Basil of Baker Street while María Hidalgo is working on Dr. Dawson and Olivia Flaversham. Both are with DsHicade (main page), a company that designs custom clay sculptures.