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05-03-2013 | Added both the German and English comic, Basil, der große Mäusedetektiv Die Themse sprudelt (The Bubbling Thames) to the Comics page.

04-26-2013 | This week I added a new photo with actress Shani Wallis to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page. I also added a signed picture from her to the Autographs section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

04-19-2013 | Added Lets Play Sherlock to the art page of Atarial. Also added images and information to two Original Production Drawings of Lady Mouse and Dawson to the Storyboards & Sketches page.

04-12-2013 | Added a new link to a Basil and Douchka dance routine to the Music Videos page. Also added an incredible sand sculpture of Basil from the Zandsculptuur Blankenberge Festival to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

04-05-2013 | Added a Original Production Drawing of Professor Ratigan signed by Phil Nibbelink to the Storyboards & Sketches page. The drawing is currently being auctioned at Howard Also added a beautiful drawing of Basil by Candace Jean to the Professional Artists page.

03-29-2013 | Added Disney World Parades Happy Easter Parade 1992 Part 1 to the Scenes page of the Audio & Video Galleries. Also added a link to Spot the Difference at the Games page. It's an off site quiz to spot changes in two identical pictures. Have a good weekend and Happy Easter!

03-22-2013 | Photos and information have now been added for the Basil of Baker Street Vinylmation at the Merchandise page.

03-15-2013 | Added seven images of the "Keep Calm And..." design to the Miscellaneous photo page. Also added a GMD Green Shirt to the Apparel section of the Merchandise page. Happy St. Patty's Day for Sunday, everyone!

03-08-2013 | Added photos and the biography for Frank Welker at the Cast & Crew page. Also added several images to the new personal page for NightMagican at Fan Art.

03-01-2013 | And so...time Marches on...I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! The scene of Ratigan looking annoyed is now at the Miscellaneous photo page under the section Disney desktop calendar pages. Also added an animation cel of Basil and Dawson looking shocked to the Cels page.

02-22-2013 | Added new photos of eight of the Ceramic French figurines to the Foreign Merchandise page. Also added an image of a fan's GMD Tattoo to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

02-15-2013 | Information and an image of The Captain and the Detective has now been added to the Fan Art page. I also updated the Trivia page with information (and a photo) on Barrie Ingham voicing both Basil and Bartholomew.

02-08-2013 | Added the congratulations image of Mark Henn's Winsor McCay Award to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page. Also added a photo of Barrie Ingham to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page. Happy Birthday to Mr. Ingham for Sunday, February 10th!

02-01-2013 | The Art of Heather Leigh and Laureng2 page has now been added to Fan Art. Also added at the same page is a unique image of Basil created by nellmeowmeow. Enjoy!

01-25-2013 | Added an image and link to DSF - Beloved Tales - The Great Mouse Detective to the Pins section of the Merchandise page. Also added an image of Professor Ratigan to the Professional Artists page.

01-18-2013 | Majorly revamped the Fan Fiction page by adding a new section (Author's Pages) and removing dead links. Also added Just a Cough by Deb Zorski to the On Site section of the page. Enjoy!

01-11-2013 | Added two new video links to the site. One is titled Ragtime from "The Great Mouse Detective" played by Frank LiVolsi at the Music Videos page and the other is The Great Mouse Detective Preview at the Trailers page. Have a good weekend!

01-04-2013 | Created the personal fan art page for Mikomi-sama. Also added a new drawing of Basil and Dawson At Buckingham Palace to Atarial's art page.

12-28-2012 | Added five new character stickers to the Stickers section of the Merchandise page. At the Foreign Merchandise page, I added photos and information to a GMD promotion on a Rice Krispies� cereal box. See you all in 2013!

12-21-2012 | Since it was a very big project, I'm only adding one update for this week. It's a forty-page children's book titled: Het kerstavontuur van Basil Muis (The Christmas Adventure of Basil Mouse). Both the English and Dutch version are at the new page: Foreign Merchandise. Enjoy, and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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