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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

08-04-2017 | Added an image and info of a Ratigan Paper Dolls creation (by Cory Jensen) to the Craftswork section of Miscellaneous photos.

07-28-2017 | Added a new spotlight for artist Emi Farmosi at the Professional Artists page. Many direct-link images are still broken.

07-21-2017 | Another new arrival of an official Disney pin, this one features Felicia. Added to Merchandise page 2 (under Pins). Also found a past Walt Disney Confession (from Tumblr) and added it to the I [heart] page (September 11, 2015).

07-14-2017 | On a personal note, "Happy Birthday" to my Mom! On the second Merchandise page, I've added an image and info for a new pin: Disney Crooked Comrades (Fidget). Also updated the Animation GIFs page with an inside joke to my Mom: Ratigan yelling, "Finish it, Flaversham!".

07-07-2017 | Updated the Goofs page with a submission from Brandon: A Continuity on Ratigan's torn clothing between scenes during the Big Ben final showdown. This is the first update to the page with added visuals to the text since 2011!

06-30-2017 | Updated the Miscellaneous photo page with an image and info on a 1986 Standee from the movie theaters. Also, Happy 31st Anniversary for The Great Mouse Detective's US film debut (for this Sunday, July 2)!

06-23-2017 | Created a new section titled Tattoo Art at the Miscellaneous photo page with a new image from Carl. Also updated the Scenes (Foreign) page by adding new languages to "Let Me Be Good to You." They are Dutch (updated link), Greek, Swedish, and Turkish.

06-16-2017 | Updated the Professional Artists page to spotlight Disney Animator John Ripa. He put up a new sketch of Basil at his Instagram. Also updated the Miscellaneous photo page section of GMD Watching (with Lara from Instagram).

06-09-2017 | The Basil of Baker Street series by Eve Titus is now available in audio books (narrated by Ralph Lister). Information and photos were added to the Merchandise page (under Audio Read-Along Books).

06-02-2017 | Added info and images of the Simon & Shushter boxed set collection for the Basil of Baker Street book series by Eve Titus and Paul Galdone to the Merchandise. Also added videos from The Mouse Avenger to the Music Videos and Trailer sections: a Ratigan AMV called Shiny and a Modern-Style Trailer.

05-26-2017 | Added graffiti art images of Ratigan, a henchmen, and Fidget, to the Miscellaneous photo page (under Odds and Ends).

05-19-2017 | Updated the Scenes page with two On Site animation test videos: Sheridan Animation Assignment by nahkoten and an oldie from ten years ago (wow!): Basil Reaction by Zaree Nilerabanwen.

05-12-2017 | Happy 9th Anniversary to being the web mistress to this fansite! This week I've updated the Miscellaneous photo page (under Odds and Ends) with a photo featuring Doctor Who himself, Peter Capaldi, with Basil of Baker Street.

05-05-2017 | For Cinco de Mayo, I've updated the Foreign Merchandise page by adding two new sections: DVD Release and VHS/Video Release with the cover art and information for Basil El Ratón Superdetective.

04-28-2017 | Added info and an image of "WDI - Disney Villains Series - Ratigan" to the Merchandise page (under Pins).

04-21-2017 | Updated the Professional Artists page with two new listings: Disney Animator Phil Nibbelink (originally worked on The Great Mouse Detective production) and Digital Artist Candice Broersma.

04-14-2017 | In honor of Mouselady's birthday today, I added a new tribute page at Fan Art page for her story, In Memory of Elizabeth. It's in the section titled, "Themes."

04-07-2017 | Updated the second Merchandise page and Pins section again with another finding of a new pin: DSSH (Disney Studio Store Hollywood) from PTD (Pin Trader Delight) featuring Dr. Dawson with a sundae.

03-31-2017 | A new image and information on the DSSH (Disney Studio Store Hollywood) Mice Series pin (featuring Basil, Dawson, Olivia, and Hiram in the makeshift balloon) has been added to Page 2 of the Merchandise page (under Pins). It's a LE of 300 and is set to be released on April 8, 2017.

03-24-2017 | Archived another twenty updates. Also added a photo and information for the 2016 soundtrack, The Great Mouse Detective 30th Anniversary Edition, to the Music & Lyrics page. It features bonus tracks of additional music heard in the film.