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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

03-17-2017 | At the Apparel section of the Merchandise page, two T-shirt designs (by Robert Baker) for a quest-based event called Mouse Adventure, have been added together. They feature Disney park attractions with mice appearing in them. Dawson and Basil were both shown in the two different shirts.

03-10-2017 | Added images and info for The Great Mouse Detective 1999 VHS Demo version to the 2nd page of Merchandise (under the section Video/VHS Release)

03-03-2017 | Added an image and information for a new work of art featuring Professor Ratigan by Scott Beaderstadt to the Professional Artists page.

02-24-2017 | ♥ Happy Birthday, Paula Mendez! ♥ Added two images to the Miscellaneous photo page (under the subjects Autographs and Craftwork): Barrie Ingham's autograph on a TARDIS and a PerlerBead design of Basil by April.

02-17-2017 | Updated the Storyboards & Sketches page with seven drawing sets (a total of twelve images) to the sections of Original Production Art and Sketches. All images courtesy of Steven Ng.

02-10-2017 | Happy Birthday, Barrie Ingham! For his birthday, I shared another photo memory from Creation Entertainment and added it to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page. Also shared an image of Basil's final clean-up model sheet to the Storyboards & Sketches page (under Character Model Sheets).

02-03-2017 | Added the photo of Hector A Parayuelos (standing next to The Great Mouse Detective sign) to the Odds & Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

01-27-2017 | Information and a photo for a Basil wood carving have been added to the Miscellaneous photo page (under Craft Work). The creators are Sonder Wood Studio.

01-20-2017 | Added info and pics on an Original Production Cel (featuring Toby, Basil, Dawson, and Olivia) to the Cels page. Also added info regarding a dog named Toby used in the TV series Sherlock to the Trivia page.

01-13-2017 | Added another Walt Disney Confession to the I [heart] page.

01-06-2017 | Added the Eve Titus book cover of Basil and the Lost Colony (Dave Mottram's art for the publisher Simon and Schuster) to The Series page, and another Walt Disney Confession to the I [heart] page.

12-30-2016 | Updated the Reviews page of Audio & Video Galleries with a GMD clip featuring The Nostalgia Critic. It's called Disney Sequels We Want, or he basically explores the possibilities of animated features that ended with more to offer. Check out the full video at Channel Awesome's YouTube. See you in 2017!

12-23-2016 | Added eight photos at the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page. It's titled Mouse-Sized Scenery in Malmö (by Anonymouse), and they feature various street scenes of hand-crafted miniaturized buildings for the mouse world. The first photo link gives the full description while photos 2 to 8 go to separate outside links. Also at the Merchandise page (under Books with GMD mentioned), I updated Disneystrology by adding the character page for December 23rd. For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas for Sunday! ♥

12-16-2016 | Found and added another great photo of GMD Watching (by Jackson Hatch from Instagram) and shared it at the Miscellaneous photo page. Also, we got some new lights for our Christmas tree, so I decided to take a better photo of my Basil & Dawson ornament for the home page. :)

12-09-2016 | At Professional Artists, I added a new featured artist, Scott Beaderstadt, who made a signed Tribute print of Basil and Olivia at Amazon.

12-02-2016 | Decorated the Home page for the holidays with my own photo of the new Basil and Dawson ornament on the Christmas tree. Also added an Original Production Drawing of an action sequence with Basil getting hit by Ratigan on Parliament's clock tower. Since it moves so fast in the film, you never see this view of him. The screencap and GIF animation of the OPD are included.

11-25-2016 | Created a new page at Photo Galleries titled Nucleus Gallery. It features eight images of the contributed art pieces for the exhibit, An Art Tribute to the Disney Films of Ron Clements & John Musker.

11-18-2016 | Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse! :) Two new entries were added at the Professional Artists page, one of which has been at Walt Disney Feature Animation for decades. Artist Dave Perillo and Disney animator Eric Goldberg contributed two works for the collection, An Art Tribute to the Disney Films of Ron Clements and John Musker.

11-11-2016 | Remembering our fallen soldiers this November 11th (Armistice and Veterans Day), an appropriate addition is an Original Layout Drawing of Dr. Dawson saluting to Basil (Storyboards & Sketches page). Also added is another entry the Trivia section: Doctor Who uses a parachute with an identical design to Basil's makeshift aircraft to chase Ratigan's dirigible.

11-04-2016 | Added photos and information of a rare and adorable Olivia Flaversham plush doll (photos by Paul Leach) to the Merchandise page (under Plush Dolls).