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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

06-03-2016 | Two more new book covers from the Eve Titus series were added to The Series page: Basil in Mexico and Basil in the Wild West. Both are from Aladdin Publisher and Cover Illustrator Dave Mottram.

05-27-2016 | Updated the pages of Cast & Crew and In Memoriam for Hiram Flaversham's English voice actor, Alan Young (November 19, 1919 -- May 19, 2016). Remembering Vincent Price's birthday today (he would have been 105), I added a new video to Scenes featuring a Ratigan pencil test by Glen Keane. I also made a side-by-side GIF animation of the final production of the scene.

05-20-2016 | Updated the Fan Art page by creating a new Themes section titled 'GMD As Humans Art.' The art will feature the characters changed to human form, starting with eight pictures (old and new submissions) by various artists.

05-13-2016 | Added two more entries from the Walt Disney Confessions at Tumblr. One features Professor Ratigan while the other discusses the plush dolls of both Basil and Ratigan. The images were added to the I [heart] page.

05-06-2016 | Added a link to Disney Classics 26 The Great Mouse Detective (by Hyung86) to the Off Site section of the Fan Art page. Also added a cute photo of a Basil doll spotted at the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Meiringen at the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

04-29-2016 | Added information, photo and GIF animation regarding similarities between Basil and Olivia with two other fictional characters: The Doctor and Maebh Arden (from Doctor Who), to the Trivia page.

04-22-2016 | Added a photo and information on The Great Mouse Detective Classics 26 Bluray DVD to the Merchandise page (under DVD Release), plus a transparent background image of just Basil from the cover (by LudwigXanaduRocks1997).

04-15-2016 | Added a photo of a beautiful tattoo of Basil of Baker Street to the Miscellaneous photo page (located at the Odds and Ends section). Created by artist Steven Compton.

04-08-2016 | Added a speed drawing video of Professor Ratigan (full image titled "This is my Kingdom!" by NightMagican DK) to the Drawing page, and another new drawing of Basil by James Silvani at the Professional Artists page.

04-01-2016 | No foolin'! A new pin is being released this year: DS - The Great Mouse Detective 30th Anniversary. A photo and information have been added at the Pins section of the Merchandise page.

03-25-2016 | Based on the template of my Basil in Silhouette image, a talented designer named TheWhiteRabbitGifts created made an impressive print by adding names and words inside his figure. It's been added to the Miscellaneous page under Craftwork.

03-18-2016 | At Fan Art, I added an Off Site link to a very helpful How-To-Draw the GMD characters. It's titled: The Great Mouse Detective Drawing Tutorials - Step by Step: Drawing Tutorials 101. There are eight characters to choose from: Professor Ratigan, Basil of Baker Street, Dr. Dawson, Olivia Flaversham, Toby, Felicia, Fidget, and Bartholomew.

03-11-2016 | Quick shout-out to Voice Actor Legend Rob Paulsen: Happy 60th Birthday! ♥ This week I updated the Miscellaneous photo page with an image and clip from the Disney's House of Mouse episode, House of Scrooge (S03E07). Professor Ratigan makes a brief cameo.

03-04-2016 | Added another rare Animation Cel (Goodbye, Olivia) to the Cels page.

02-26-2016 | The Press page has been updated with an In Memoriam tribute to Barrie Ingham from Doctor Who Magazine Special Yearbook 2016. Barrie was in the 1965 story arc, The Myth Makers (with First Doctor William Hartnell) as well as the film, Dr. Who and the Daleks (with Peter Cushing as Doctor Who). The article also mentions his voice work of Basil.

02-19-2016 | Updated the Animation Backgrounds page with three new images by Disney artist James Coleman. Two of them are from Professor Ratigan's throne room (during "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind") and the third is a small corner from the Rat Trap pub.

02-12-2016 | Thinking of Barrie Ingham this week (he would have turned 84 on the 10th), I found and added a lovely photo to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page (by Jim Miles). Also found an adorable one of a Basset Hound watching GMD (by Jane Doh!!) to the Miscellaneous photo page.

02-05-2016 | Added an image and information about Sarah's Curtsey Skirts at the Apparel section of the Merchandise page. Also added a similarity of the Doctor Who comic issue (#2.2) of the Twelfth Doctor and Basil wearing the same sailor outfit and visiting the same pub to the Trivia page.

01-29-2016 | Added a spotlight for Wayne T. Jones at the Professional Artists page with his beautiful sketch of Basil. Also updated the Links page with two new film reviews: ImagiNERDing and The Silver Petticoat Review.

01-22-2016 | The next twenty updates have been archived. I found another art treasure of Dave Mottram's book illustrations for Basil of Baker Street. It's titled The Game's Afoot (good choice!) and has been added to his section at Professional Artists. Also, fondly remembering Barrie Ingham (January 23rd will mark one year of his passing), I added a short clip titled 561 (by Pat Crowley) at the Music Videos page.