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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

08-28-2015 | This last week of August has two art updates: I added David G. Ferrero to the Professional Artists page with his Art Déco style masterpiece. I also added a new Steampunk-ish image of Basil and Olivia by chelsea to the Steampunk Art page.

08-21-2015 | This week I added a Personal Fan Art page for Alicia Gutscher (Whispering Colors). Since May of 2013, I had saved a drawing of hers because I loved it so much. It was a self-insert picture with Basil sitting on her knee. I always wanted to showcase an art section with the mice alongside humans, but I never did. When I recently viewed her drawing, I went in search of her Tumblr page. What I came across instead made my heart sink. Alicia had sadly passed away from cancer on February 17, 2014. Aside from her beautiful drawings with The Great Mouse Detective characters, she created several other masterpieces and shared them at her Tumblr page, Whispering Colors. Other than GMD, I read that she also loved Doctor Who, and was very excited about the news of the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

08-14-2015 | Joyeux Anniversaire to Roger Carel, the French voice actor of Basil of Baker Street! Today he turns 88. This week I created a new page called Foreign Scenes, a section for parts of the film in other languages. For Mr. Carel's birthday, I added a clip featuring his vocals along with Philippe Dumat (Dr David Q. Dawson), and Gérard Rinaldi (le professeur Ratigan). It's titled, Le Piège (The Trap), the scene when Basil and Dawson escape the mousetrap.

08-07-2015 | At the Music Videos page, I've added a link to the video, herschel playing great mouse detective theme. Also added a section and works of Basil art by Steffany Rodriguez to the Professional Artists page.

07-31-2015 | Happy Early Birthday to Val Bettin, voice of Dr. Dawson! :) He turns 92 on August 1st. Added a new section at the Merchandise page titled Travel Mugs with currently nine images from various creators: Ellador, msgdesign, notheothereye, Rozaliine, and UncleFrogface.

07-24-2015 | Updated the Fan Art On Site section with a new entry simply titled The great mouse detective, by Goran Visnjic of deviantART.

07-17-2015 | In honor of Disneyland's 60th Anniversary, I added two new photos (one of myself wearing a Great Mouse Detective shirt and the Heroes Vs Villains pin pack) to the Miscellaneous page at the Odds and Ends section. Also added a sketch series of Basil and Dawson at the Rat Trap (by Mark Henn) to the Storyboards & Sketches page (under Sketches).

07-10-2015 | This week I'm spotlighting Italian artist Donald Soffritti with a drawing featuring Basil and Olivia. It's been added to the Professional Artists page.

07-03-2015 | This week I added Disney artist Mike Royer to the Professional Artists page with pin designs.

06-26-2015 | Ellen Fitzhugh has now been added to the Cast & Crew page. Also for Jessie Popescu's birthday, images from her story, Whispers in the Dark, were added to her Personal Fan Art page.

06-19-2015 | Freelance Comic Book Artist JB Williams recreated the final showdown between Basil and Ratigan. The colored and line art images have been added to his section at the Professional Artists page.

06-12-2015 | Added another drawing by James Silvani featuring a Great Mouse Detective/Batman crossover (Basil as the Dark Knight, Dr. Dawson as Commissioner Gordon) to the Professional Artists page. Also added a picture of Ratigan with graffiti to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

06-05-2015 | Added this week at Professional Artists are two masterpieces by James Silvani: The Game is Quack and a headshot of Professor Ratigan.

05-29-2015 | Added a link for the 1999 VHS trailer of The Great Mouse Detective to the Trailers page. Also added images and information for the two albums, Varèse Sarabande - A 25th Anniversary Celebration, and Henry Mancini & Royal Philharmonic Pops Orchestra, to the Music & Lyrics page.

05-22-2015 | This week I updated the personal Fan Art page of SilverCatseyes with a fixed version of her 2013 Basil and Olivia drawing, I know what to do! Also added the May 20th image of Basil from the 2015 Disney desktop calendar to the Miscellaneous photo page.

05-15-2015 | Added the video link, All You Need To Know About The Great Mouse Detective (by Walt's Classics) to the Reviews page. Also added a new art addition of Basil's headshot (by James Silvani) to the Professional Artists page.

05-08-2015 | Added an image of three-layered animation cels and GIF featuring Basil burning Fidget's list to the Cels page (under Howard Lowery auctions).

05-01-2015 | Created a new section at the Miscellaneous photo page called Craftwork and added a new entry: Olivia Flaversham's Mouse Ballerina by Ashley Phillips.

04-24-2015 | Added a new drawing of Basil by Louis Wiyono to the Professional Artists page. Also, do you think Doctor Who actor David Tennant looks like our beloved mouse detective? The side-by-side picture comparison was added to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page.

04-17-2015 | Twenty more updates were archived this week. I also added five Original Production Drawings of Olivia Flaversham in a sequence to the Storyboards & Sketches page.