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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

01-15-2016 | Happy Birthday to "The King of Cute" Basil/Dawson animator, David Pruiksma! :) Added five new languages to the song, "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind," to the Audio & Video Galleries: Foreign Scenes. They are: Cantonese, Greek, Japanese, Polish, and Turkish.

01-08-2016 | Added a new entry at the I [heart] page from the Walt Disney Confessions Tumblr blog: “Since Once Upon a Time was unable to get the rights for Sherlock Holmes, I really want to see them use The Great Mouse Detective. They already established that animal characters turn into humans using Jiminy and Gus, and they established there are worlds other than those shown in the show. Heck, I’d want them in, even if they did get the rights for Sherlock Holmes.”

01-01-16 | Happy New Year, everyone! This week I added a new addition to the Miscellaneous photo page with six pictures to start. It's called GMD Watching (Photos of people watching the film)

12-25-2015 | Remembering Candy Candido (he was born on this day in 1913), I've shared photos of a handmade Fidget plushie at the Merchandise (2) page. The plush was made by Janelle. Also added is Illustrator Dave Mottram at the Professional Artists page with his Basil of Baker Street book covers.

12-18-2015 | Two new book publications were found from the original Eve Titus series: Basil of Baker Street (Book 1) and Basil and the Pygmy Cats (Book 3). Though, the latter was renamed to Basil and the Cave of Cats. Their covers have been added to The Series page. Also added at the i [heart] page is another Walt Disney Confession (December 17, 2015).

12-11-2015 | Added an image of the Hawthorne Village train piece set featuring The Great Mouse Detective to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page. The train piece is from a collection called "Magic Of Disney Express" and can be purchased online.

12-04-2015 | Decorated for Christmas plus added a new web page to the Fun Stuff section: Coloring Pages.

11-27-2015 | Added Bobby Timony to the Professional Artists page with two drawings of his featuring Basil and Olivia and Basil and Dawson.

11-20-2015 | This week I added a new section at the Foreign Merchandise page for Trading Cards, starting with one card from Germany: Basil der große Mäusedetektiv!

11-13-2015 | Added information about a reference to the name "Basil" in the current Doctor Who series to the Trivia section with animation GIFs included.

11-06-2015 | Happy Birthday to my sister sibling, Christine! :) Added an image and link to the YouTube video, SPEEDART: Disney's Ratigan Sketch by Natacha Pimentel, to the Drawing page of the Audio and Video Galleries.

10-30-2015 | Added a clip featuring Ratigan and Fidget from the 2005 special, Disney's Once Upon a Halloween to the Scenes page. At the Trivia page, I also added a section (with animation GIF's) the similiarities of Queen Mousetoria meeting her robot self to Queen Elizabeth I meeting her own self from The Day of the Doctor.

10-23-2015 | Added the October 20, 2015 image to the Miscellaneous photo page (under Disney Daily Calendar). Also added character cards from the French game, Jeu D'Stout Regle de Jeu, to the Foreign Merchandise page (under games).

10-16-2015 | Added a huge sequence of Storyboard Art featuring an outtake with the Flavershams to the Storyboards & Sketches page.

10-09-2015 | Updated the Pinback Buttons and Pins sections of the second Merchandise page by updating all of the links and sharing an additional button and pin: D23 Destination D (#102968) and WDW - 999 Happy Haunts Event 2004 (Fidget #80863).

10-02-2015 | For this Halloween season, I've decorated the home page once more. At the Cels page, I've added an amusing one of Ratigan being attacked by the Robot Queen (and in GIF form), plus another Walt Disney Confession (Basil's fashion) at the I [heart] page.

09-25-2015 | Added a publicity photo of Glen Keane and Vincent Price to the Behind the Scenes page (under Cast & Crew).

09-18-2015 | Added a section at the Cels page for eBay auctions starting with one of Basil and Olivia in the toyshop scene.

09-11-2015 | Added a new page to the Audio & Video Galleries titled, Drawing. It's going to feature videos of drawing the characters either traditional or digital. The first two videos added are from Steven Tov (Basil and Dawson and Professor Ratigan).

09-04-2015 | Archived twenty more updates this weeks, plus added the games is a pants (?) artwork by James Silvani to the Professional Artists page.