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01-14-2011 | Added a new section for Coloring Books to the Merchandise page with two books to start.

01-07-2011 | Goodbye to Christmas 2010. :( It was kind of sad to have to remove the decorations. For this week, I added the biography for actor Laurie Main to the Cast & Crew page. Also added information for purchasing a Basil drawing at the Merchandise page under Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure Art. The Links page has a new listing under General Movies titled Watch Movies. Have a good weekend!

12-31-2010 | First off, Happy New Year, everyone! Today is the last day of 2010! I received a wonderful music clip from a generous fan that has prompted me to create a new web page: MIDI Clips is now over at the Audio & Video Galleries, starting with a clip titled "Big Ben Chase" by Thomas DaSilva. Also added Mikomi-sama's dynamic twist-of-fate story, A Winter's Tale, to the On Site section of the Fan Fiction page. Her beautiful fan art is included with each chapter. See you all next year!

12-24-2010 | Added the Ratigan trivia card and its answer side to the Merchandise page under Games. Photos provided by Amber Stott. Also added the photos of AnneMarie meeting Barrie Ingham along with her autograph to the Miscellaneous photo page. Happy Christmas everyone! Have a glorious holiday weekend!

12-17-2010 | Archived twenty more updates! Added another Great Mouse Detective book to the Children's Books section of the Merchandise page. Also added a new section for Games starting with a Disney trivia card of Basil (photo supplied by Mykenna Tremblay).

12-10-2010 | Added a newspaper article from the Times Advocate along with a movie theater advertisement to the Press page. Also added the Disney's Desktop Calendar image of December 7 to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page. Have a good weekend!

12-03-2010 | It's December everyone! To spice up the home page, I added Play It For Me, Basil by TpT. Also added other gorgeous GMD artwork by Michael Hobson to the Miscellaneous photo page. Lastly added a newspaper article from the Los Angeles Times to the Press page.

11-26-2010 | To those who celebrated, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! For the holiday, I added Shinku-Ame's drawing titled, Basil Thanksgiving to the Fan Art page under Off Site. Also added the biography page for Basil Rathbone at the Cast & Crew page. Lastly, A Ring in Time by Noelle M. is officially over. :( Check out Chapter 23 to find out what happens. Have a good weekend!

11-19-2010 | Actor Alan Young (voice of Hiram Flaversham) turns 91 today! In honor of his birthday, I added an art piece titled Flavershams by ShakShakalut to the Fan Art page along with a personal fan photo at the Miscellaneous photo page. Have a nice weekend!

11-12-2010 | Added a link to a nice tribute of a video titled, Disney's The Great Mouse Detective Music Video to the Music Videos page. Also added information to the book, Disney 365 Bedtime Stories to the Merchandise page under the section, Books (with GMD mentioned).

11-05-2010 | Added information on the book, Disney's Dogs, to the Merchandise page under Books (with GMD mentioned). Also added Felicia by ShakShakalut to the On Site section of the Fan Art page. Hope everyone has a good weekend; I'll be wishing my sister, Christine, a Happy 34th Birthday on Saturday! :)

10-29-2010 | Hope this month has been exceptionally fun as well as spooky for everyone! For this last Friday of October, check out an excellent mystery titled Basil of Baker Street & Case of the Emerald Ring by ALS123. Also added two additions to the Fan Art page: Another First For Me (a Basil jack-o-lantern) by Mykenna Tremblay and Basil's Grave by Shinku Ame. Basil's what? Yes, our poor detective is dead...or is he... undead? ;) And since the ye olde Pagan event is this Sunday, I'll say it here now: HAPPY HALLOWEEN GMD FANS!

10-22-2010 | Added Basil of Baker Street 3D Model along with the b&w sketch and colored version to Need Comfort to the On Site section of the Fan Art page. Lastly, Noelle M. has added Chapter 23 to A Ring in Time. Check out what happens next!

10-15-2010 | Added information to two new books with GMD mentioned to the Merchandise page. They are an updated version to The Art of Walt Disney and Animation Magic: A Behind The Scenes Look At How An Animated Film is Made. Have a wonderful weekend!

10-08-2010 | Continuing with the 'spirit' of the season, an art piece titled, Mouse of the Baskervilles by Ickaimp, has been added to the Fan Art page under On Site. Also contributed an adorable 'what if' short story titled, Eternal Gratitude by Yumiko12345 to the Fan Fiction page.

10-01-2010 | It's Halloween time and I've decided to spice up the home page with an awesome fan art piece by Teles. :) Also, would like to say "Happy Birthday" to John (Ionic-Sphere at deviantART)! His art request, Your Autograph, Please, has been added to the Off Site section of the Fan Art page. Also added the link to Great Mouse detective - Hot n' Cold by Joke9696 at the Music Videos page. Lastly as a reminder, The Game's Afoot! now has a Community Page on Facebook. That's all for now!

09-24-2010 | First off, I'd like to wish Andrea, the original web mistress of The Game's Afoot!, a very Happy Birthday today! Added the biography for Diana Chesney at the Cast & Crew page. Also added information on Mouse Under Glass: Secrets of Disney Animation and Theme Parks to the Merchandise page under Books (with GMD mentioned). Have a great weekend, everyone!

09-17-2010 | Added the September 15 picture from the Disney desktop calendar to the Odds and Ends of the Miscellaneous photo page. Also added the biography to Walker Edmiston to the Cast & Crew page. Lastly, Mikomi-sama added Chapter 14 to Whispers in the Dark. Checkmate! ;) Enjoy and have a good weekend!

09-10-2010 | Added a new link to the Music Videos page titled, Vincent Price Canadian Interview 1986 "The Great Mouse Detective" by dvdguy2011. Also added a new book with GMD mentioned titled, Disney Recipes: From Animation to Inspiration to the Merchandise page. Noelle M. has added Chapter 22 to A Ring in Time. The end draws near to one great story, check it out!

09-03-2010 | First off, Happy Birthday to GMD fan, Esther (Raygirl13 at deviantART)! Added a bunch of photos of the GMD plush dolls to the Merchandise page. All dolls were sold at The Disney Store except for the large Basil doll. He could be ordered from Smucker's. Also added a new link to the Music Videos page titled Basil Is One by oOblackwarriorOo. Have a good weekend!

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