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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

02-07-2014 | Revamped the Storyboards & Sketches page by placing the images a little bit better in their proper sections. At the same page, I added two new images to the Layout Art section: Basil at his chemistry lab and working on forensics with a gun. Each were drawn using non-photo red and blue pencils. Also, Happy Birthday to Barrie Ingham (the voice of Basil) for this Monday, February 10th! :)

01-31-2014 | Added a drawing of Basil by Roger Garcia to the Professional Artists page. Also added information to The Great Mouse Detective Color/Activity Book to the Merchandise page.

01-24-2014 | Added Sherlock (BBC) & the Great Mouse Detective - Somebody's Watching Me to the Music Videos page of the Audio & Video Galleries. Also updated the fan fiction page for The Mouse Avenger with additional stories.

01-17-2014 | Added three more clips to the Animation Gifs page. Also added images and information to a Basil der große Mäusedetektiv board game from Germany to the Foreign Merchandise page.

01-10-2014 | Added the gallery page for GMD artist SilverCatseyes to the Fan Art page. Also added a link to the short video, 2D to 3D - The Great Mouse Detective to the Scenes page.

01-03-2014 | Added a photo with Basil and Ratigan to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page. Also added Ratigan's Model Sheet to the Storyboards & Sketches page.

12-27-2013 | Added the video, Barrie does the voice of 'The Great Mouse Detective' to the Interviews page of the Audio & Video Galleries. Also added two photos of a GMD wrap party invitation to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page. Happy New Year, everyone! :)

12-20-2013 | Added the Danish and English version of Mesterdetektiven Basil Mus Måne-safirerne (The Moon Sapphires), to the Comics page. Merry Christmas to everyone for Wednesday, December 25th!

12-13-2013 | Happy Friday the 13th! Added two 'wild take' images for this week: an agitated Basil to the Cels page and Ratigan not too pleased with Father Christmas to the Fan Art page. Good luck to everyone today!

12-06-2013 | Created and added a new Christmas-related image to the Facebook Timeline Covers & Profiles page. Also added an Original Production Drawing and information of Toby to the Storyboards & Sketches page. Have a good weekend, all!

11-29-2013 | Added two new clips to the Animation Gifs page: Basil catches Olivia and their bittersweet farewell. Also added the ceramic figure of Olivia to the Foreign Merchandise page.

11-22-2013 | Added the drawing by James Silvani of Basil and Dawson meeting Pinky and the Brain to the Professional Artists page. Also added a Original Production Drawing of Toby Running (from the Howard Lowery auction) to Storyboards & Sketches.

11-15-2013 | Added two media clips at two different pages. A commercial for TGMD airing on Disney Junior at the Trailers page, and a short clip of TGMD opening titles on piano at the Music Videos page.

11-08-2013 | Happy Birthday to one of the four founding fathe--er, directors of TGMD, John Musker! This week I took the challenge of making a web page titled 27 Reasons Why The Great Mouse Detective Is The Greatest Disney Movie. It's been added to the top of the Miscellaneous photo page. Also created a new page at Audio & Video Galleries titled Animation Gifs with ten random clips to start. Have a good weekend!

11-01-2013 | Added an Original Drawing of Basil catching his violin to the Storyboards & Sketches page. Also added the mention of TGMD from "The Goldbergs" to the Miscellaneous photo page and Chapter 3 to Paula's "Life of the Deceived" to the Fan Fiction page.

10-25-2013 | Added the page, News Clips, to the Audio & Video Galleries, starting with the Entertainment Tonight coverage on the death of Vincent Price. Also added three new FB Covers to Brina's section at the Facebook Timeline Covers & Profile Pictures page. Two are of Halloween and one is of a tribute to Vincent Price. HAPPY HALLOWEEN GMD FANS!

10-18-2013 Added Basil Rough Suggestions by Glen Keane to the Storyboards & Sketches page. Also added a Disney Villains Mug to the Merchandise page. Have a good weekend!

10-11-2013 | Added two combined drawings of Basil and Ratigan zombiefied to the Fan Art page, the October 10th page from the Disney desktop calendar to the Miscellaneous photo page, and Chapter 2 to Paula's story, "Life of the Deceived" to the Fan Fiction page.

10-04-2013 | Added pictures and information for Disney's Family Story Collection - Volume 2 to the Merchandise page. Also added Forgotten Sketches (including Steampunk Basil) by Dewy6 to the Steampunk Art page.

09-27-2013 | Archived twenty more updates. Added another Great Mouse Detective painting by Michael Hobson featuring Ratigan, Basil, Dawson, and Olivia to the Professional Artists page. Also added Chapter 1 to Paula Mendez's story, Life of the Deceived, to the Fan Fiction page.