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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

06-27-2014 | Added ten mosaic images and created a DVD Images section (starting with the language selection screen) to the Miscellaneous photo page. Also, Happy 28th Anniversary to TGMD for next Wednesday, July 2nd!

06-20-2014 | Added two new entries to the Trivia page regarding Queen Moustoria and information behind the newspaper article about Basil being thanked by her. Also added an audio clip of pronouncing 'Queen Moustoria' (spelled with an 'e') to her own biography page.

06-13-2014 | For Basil Rathbone's 122nd birthday (June 13, 1899), I added his Sherlock Holmes quote to the Quote Clips page. Also this Friday the 13th wouldn't be complete without a mention of the DVD Villain Covers. Professor Ratigan is among the famous Disney baddies in this limited edition release from the UK.

06-06-2014 | Added a photo and information for the newest Disney Soda Fountain pin of Basil to the Pins section of the Merchandise page. Also added the story, Basil's Weakness, to the Off Site section of the Fan Fiction page.

05-30-2014 | Added Disney Villains Collection -- Sky Movies to the Trailers page. Also added a new photo/description of Vincent Price with Professor Ratigan to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page.

05-23-2014 | Added the new pin from Pin Trader's Delight (featuring Professor Ratigan next to an ice cream sundae) to the Pins section of the Merchandise page. Also added the short story, We'll get her back (by silvermouse), to the Fan Fiction page, along with its scene to the Animation Gifs page.

05-16-2014 | A pre production photo featuring Mark Henn, Rob Minkoff, Glen Keane and Matt O'Callaghan has been added to the page Behind the Scenes under the Animators section. Also added six new clip art images of Basil, Dawson, and Olivia to the Clip Art page (courtesy of

05-09-2014 | Added photos (from eBay seller tommydragon_5350) of Nichiten Playing Cards for TGMD to the Games page. Also added photos of animation cel of Basil (from Howard Lowery auction) to the Cels page.

05-02-2014 | Happy Birthday to Sherlockian/Basilian fan: Diane N. Tran! In honor of Cinco de Mayo next Monday, I added two identical images (one with a darker contrast) of the Spanish movie poster, Basil, El Ratón Superdetective, to the Foreign Merchandise page. And then on the new Media page, Trailers (Foreign), I added the trailer for Basil El Ratón Superdetective.

04-25-2014 | Happy Birthday to "Basil" Director: Ron Clements! This week I added his biography to the Cast & Crew page. I also added four model sheets of Basil (courtesy of Whatsits Galore) to the Storyboard & Sketches page. One is a height and body type chart, two are for his head and facial features, and the last one is for his body shape and hands.

04-18-2014 | Added the following pages to Games (from Disney's Sell-Through Profit Planner): Coloring, Hidden Objects, and Connect The Dots. Also added 'Review Sites' to the Links page. Happy Birthday to "Basil" fan Iona Campbell for Saturday, April 19th, and to those who observe the holiday, have a Happy Easter this Sunday, April 20th!

04-11-2014 | Added a picture and information for the book, Disney: The First 100 Years, to the Merchandise page. Also added the Disney/The Great Mouse Detective URL for Television Tropes & Other Idioms to the Links page (under General GMD Sites).

04-04-2014 | This week I added links to the English and French clips of Basil's introduction to the Scenes page. Also added information for the 1988 book, Basil, détective privé, to the Foreign Merchandise page.

03-28-2014 | Added a production photo of Burny Mattinson, Ron Clements, and John Musker to the Behind the Scenes page. At the Fan Fiction page, I also added a link to a very short story titled, The Disappearance of Lady Agnes Mousefax.

03-21-2014 | Added three Hidden Object Games (that I personally created from Viqua Games; hope they're not too difficult!) to the Games page. Also added a link to a beautiful piano rendition of Goodbye So Soon to the Music Videos page.

03-14-2014 | Added three DVD Custom Covers to the Merchandise page as well as photos/links to these Pins: #84562, #84561, #84560, #84559, and #84558.

03-07-2014 | Added the 2002 and 2010 DVD images as Full Covers (no packaging) to the Merchandise. Also added five more short clips to the Animation Gifs.

02-28-2014 | Added five separate images to the Storyboards & Sketches page: one model sheet of Toby, one character drawing of the Robot Queen, and three storyboard sequences of Basil foiling Professor Ratigan's scheme and saving Queen Mousetoria.

02-21-2014 | Added images and information for an Original Animation Production Cel (Olivia hugging Basil) to the Cels page. Also added an image and information for KanaHyde's painting of Basil to the Fan Art page.

02-14-2014 | Archived twenty more updates. This week I added an article from the Los Angeles Times (02-14-1992) to the Press page. Also added four Valentine's Day digital cards to the Miscellaneous photo page. Happy Valentine's Day!