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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

09-20-2013 | Added a photo and info to the Trivia page about Barrie Ingham appearing in an episode of "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes." Also added photos and info of two animation drawings of Basil and Dawson in Ratigan's overkill mousetrap.

09-13-2013 | Updated the homepage for Halloween time. Also added Let's Get Elementary! and Greetings to the Bottorfs from Toby and Mike Gabriel both to the Professional Artists page. Have a good weekend!

09-06-2013 | Added Eric's autograph to the Miscellaneous photo page. Also added a new story titled Life of the Deceived (by Paula Mendez) to the On Site section of Fan Fiction.

08-30-2013 | A sketch of Basil and Dawson as sailors has been added to the Storyboards & Sketches page. Also added is The Many Faces of Basil of Baker Street (by Aralyn) to the page, How to Draw Basil of Baker Street 101.

08-23-2013 | The August 19th Disney Daily calendar page has been added to the Miscellaneous photo page. Next I added the August 23rd image of Basil from the Disneystrology book. And lastly I added a set of German Lobby Cards to the Foreign Merchandise page (they're available for purchase).

08-16-2013 | Added three new images to the Facebook Timeline Cover page under my section (Brina). Have a good weekend!

08-09-2013 | Added five foreign voice actors to the In Memoriam page: Takeshi Aono, Gerard Rinaldi, Glauco Onorato, Ichiro Murakoshi, and Edgar Ott. Also added a link to an Off Site story titled Harbinger's Mark (by PixiePoison90) to the Fan Fiction page.

08-02-2013 | Happy Birthday to voice actor, Val Bettin! He turned 90 on August 1st. I added a small tribute page with an image and some birthday greetings from fans. Also added Incognito at the beach - Sketch by Atrixfromice to the Fan Art page.

07-26-2013 | Updated the Foreign Merchandise page with the addition of a Japanese movie program. The translation reads, The Adventure of Olivia Chan.

07-19-2013 | Updated the Trading Cards section with new scans of Basil and Dawson plus new cards of Olivia Flaversham and Professor Ratigan. Also added a drawing titled Princess Academy Party (with Olivia Flaversham) by Olivier Ciappa and David Kawena at the Professional Artists page.

07-12-2013 | Added a new page to the Photo Galleries titled In Memoriam. It's in honor of those who have passed on from the film.

07-05-2013 | Happy Birthday to Karen (skyechan), a fellow Basilian! A new section titled Greeting Cards has now been added to the Merchandise page. The first features Basil and Dawson by tumblebuggie. Also added is another GMD Fan-made trailer by bigmommamads to the Trailers page.

06-28-2013 | Added Ruben Procopio's commission sketch of Basil to the Professional Artists page. Also added The Great Mouse Detective sequence from Animation Lookback: Walt Disney Studios to the Reviews section of Audio & Video Galleries. Happy (early) 27th Anniversary for the film's US release date (Tuesday, July 2nd)!

06-21-2013 | Happy Summer Solstice! This week I added a rough sketch of Ratigan deciding to smack off poor Basil from the clock tower. I also added a link and image of a beautiful clay formation of the Mouse Detective (by Keila-raven) to the Fan Art page.

06-14-2013 | The Dutch and English comic of De Speurneuzen De Verdwijning Van Lord Grijsstaart (H95132) have both been added to the Comics page. Also added an image and information on Basil Rathbone's sailor disguise to the Trivia page.

06-07-2013 | If anyone ever wanted to visit Parliament's clock tower without leaving home, they can with an online virtual tour. I've added a photo and link to the Goodies page. Also added is a photo of Mike Peraza next to a model replica of the tower. Lastly, I added an image of Basil and Olivia inside the belfry at the Facebook Timeline Covers & Profile Pictures page.

05-31-2013 | Added information for Jerry Beck's book, The Animated Movie Guide, to the Books (with GMD mentioned) section of the Merchandise page. Added a new art piece titled Great Game Crossover by Atarial, and lastly added information about Laurie Main as Dr. Watson at the Trivia page.

05-24-2013 | In honor of Vincent Price's birthday on the 27th, I added a photo and article for his 75th birthday in 1986. The photo of Vincent with Ratigan was a newspaper clipping added to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page while the article is at the Press page under the Lewiston Journal (May 28th, 1986).

05-17-2013 | Added an image and link for "Disney Soda Fountain - Pin Traders Delight" (featuring Olivia Flaversham) to the Merchandise page under Pins. Also added Steampunk Basil of Baker Street to the Steampunk Art page.

05-10-2013 | Sunday, May 12, is not only Mother's Day, the date marks the fifth anniversary I have been a webmistress to this fansite. This week I archived twenty more updates, added the May 06 Disney calendar image to the Miscellaneous photo page and created the personal fan art page of TopHatTurtle. Have a good weekend!