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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

07-27-2012 | Added a photo of Val Bettin to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page. Also updated and created a personal art page for Mackenzie Ferry at the Fan Art page. Have a good weekend!

07-20-2012 | Added two new images of Basil and Ratigan to the Disneyland/Disney California Adventure Art section of the Merchandise page. At the Miscellaneous photo page, a section has been created called Demotivational Posters. The first three added were made by Paula Mendez. I've also updated the Links page by fixing dead URL's or adding new ones. Have a good weekend!

07-13-2012 | Added the July 11th image to the Miscellaneous photo page under Disney desktop calendar. Also added six new images of cels from Wonderful World of Animation Gallery site to the Cels photo page. The six new cels in the collection are: Dawson and Mrs. Judson, Basil jumping, Basil doing chemical testing, Ratigan prancing, the rescue makeshift balloon, and Basil holding Ratigan's death bell.

07-06-2012 | Added the July 2nd image to the Miscellaneous photo page under Disney desktop calendar. Also added at the Games page are three map images to the Commodore 64 game, Basil The Great Mouse Detective. The Trivia page is getting some images added to the text as well.

06-29-2012 | Twenty more updates have been archived. This week I added some biography information for Susanne Pollatschek to the Cast & Crew page. Also added at the Merchandise page is pictures and links to the newest Basil and Ratigan pins. These are from the Good Vs Evil - Mystery Pack collection and will be released on July 19th. Have a good weekend!

06-22-2012 | Added a new image book cover to the Audio Read-Along Books section of the Merchandise page. Also added Fight For Survival by Paula Mendez to the Fan Fiction page. Hope you all have a good weekend!

06-15-2012 | Added a photo and information for the new Ratigan Vinylmation figure at the Merchandise page. Next, I created a new page titled, Photo Manipulation, adding it Photo Galleries.

06-08-2012 | Added a photo of the seven Disney animators from the Art from the heART event to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page. Marina Pieroni also sent in a new drawing of Captain Basil for her gallery at the Fan Art page.

06-01-2012 | In honor of the Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee, I dedicated the updates toward Queen Mousetoria. Information and pictures for her voice actress, Eve Brenner, have been added at the Cast & Crew page. Next I found some 'royalty' apparel from Polyvore, adding it to the Merchandise page (under Apparel). As a bonus for Her Majesty, I digitally colored a page of her honoring Basil, also adding it to Merchandise (under Coloring Books).

05-25-2012 | Contributions were all made this week by Marina Pieroni in the forms of art, two music videos (Places of London - The Great Mouse Detective tribute and Show Me How You Burlesque - TGMD at the Music Videos page) and one fan-made trailer (A Nightmare on Elm... uh... Baker Street at the Trailer page). Have a good weekend!

05-18-2012 | Completed another artist's page at Fan Art, this one for Mykenna Tremblay. Also, remembering Wayne Allwine, whom passed away on this date in 2009, I added a split-picture image of Mickey Mouse's similar character features next to another famous mouse. Have a good weekend, everyone!

05-11-2012 | This Saturday, May 12, it will be my fourth anniversary as web mistress to this fansite. Wow! This week I added photos and information to a Golden Book Sticker Fun Book to the Merchandise page. Also added a photo of Basil with Douchka to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page. Whoever is celebrating it, have a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!

05-04-2012 | Basil and Olivia appear on the May 1st page of the 2012 Disney Desktop Calender: A Year of Animation. The page has now been added to the Miscellaneous photo page. Also added a new link to the Music Videos page titled, Douchka - "BASIL" [clip intégral]. Mild slash is in this video; don't say I didn't warn you!

04-27-2012 | Added images and information to Bringing Mysteries Alive for Children and Young Adults at the Merchandise page under the topic: Books (with GMD mentioned). Also added two new images to Atarial's fan art page: Modern Dawson Coloured and Pondering Coloured.

04-20-2012 | Added a new book cover image of a Basil of Baker Street paperback to The Series page. Also added Basil ~Bring me to life~ to the Music Videos page. Have a good weekend!

04-13-2012 | Happy Birthday to Ratigan's Dad, Glen Keane! This week I added a photograph of him (along with layout artist Mike Peraza) to the Contemporary Cast & Crew page. Also added information on a watercolor painting created by Michael Hobson to the Professional Artists page. Have a good weekend everyone!

04-06-2012 | Added two new Original Production Drawings to the Storyboards & Sketches page: Felicia and the robot Queen. Also added Basil Hawk-Tamer by Teles to the Fan Art page. Hope everyone has a Good Friday and a Happy Easter!

03-30-2012 | This week I removed all of the Basil of Baker Street image covers from the synopsis page and placed them on the main page of The Series as thumbnails. I also added a new one to the thumbnails: the yellow cover with Basil and Dawson (courtesy of Iona Campbell). Also added to the Scenes page is a short animation clip created by Patrick Tuorto. The voice of Basil is not Barrie Ingham, but rather a very well-known Sherlock Holmes screen actor. Hint: the mouse detective was named after him. ;) Have a good weekend!

03-23-2012 | Moving on to revamp the Fan Art page, I've created a section called Artist's Personal Pages. Atarial is the first for this update. Next, Van Eaton Galleries has added two pieces for purchase: a cel of Basil and Dawson and a layout drawing of Olivia, Dawson and Basil (walking over the chessboard). Each have been added to the pages of Cels and Storyboards & Sketches.

03-16-2012 | Added a photo of the Green Basil Plush to the Merchandise page. Also added a link to the story, A Bird in the Paw to the Fan Fiction page. Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!