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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

03-09-2012 | Revamped the two House of Mouse pages at Miscellaneous by adding new photos and video clips. Also revamped the photos at the page for the Original Production Maquettes along with a new photo from Action Figure Insider. As a last-minute addition, I added the trailer to Disney Family Movies at the Trailers page. Have a good weekend!

03-02-2012 | Created and added three small clips to the Scenes page: Goodbye Basil, Lighten the load, and German music (tribute clip for Laurie Main). At the Miscellaneous photo gallery page, I added the Disney desktop calendar image for March 3rd and 4th. Cheese crumpet anyone? ;)

02-24-2012 | This week I updated Laurie Main's biography page due to his unfortunate passing on February 8th. Also added the English and German version of "Basil, der große Mäusedetektiv Der Rattenzug" (The Great Train Robbery or The Rat Train) to the Comics page. Have a good weekend!

02-17-2012 | Added a delightful bar fight picture called Solving the crime to the Fan Art page. Also added another photo to the new Contemporary Cast & Crew page, this one featuring Glen Keane. Till next week!

02-10-2012 | Happy Birthday to Barrie Ingham, the voice of Basil! This week I created two new pages for Photo Galleries. They are Contemporary Cast & Crew and Professional Artists. The first page has a new photo with Barrie Ingham and the second page has a new art piece of Basil on a clock cog by Jennifer Oliver. Have a good weekend!

02-03-2012 | For the Merchandise page again, I added another Basil of Baker Street clothing/jewelry collaboration to the Apparel section along with the Sinister Cats T-shirt. Also added at the Cast & Crew page is the biography for Melissa Manchester. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

01-27-2012 | For this week I added ten new interesting images of pinned fashions for Basil, Dawson, Olivia and Profession Ratigan to the Apparel section of the Merchandise page. Enjoy!

01-20-2012 | Added five Cinderella covers featuring The Great Mouse Detective to the Miscellaneous photo page. Also for Basilian fans, I made a Facebook Wall photo and added it to the Gifts section of the Goodies page.

01-13-2012 | Not another Friday the 13th! This week I added information to the book, Two Guys Named Joe: Master Animation Storytellers Joe Grant & Joe Ranft at the Merchandise page along with illustrations at the Storyboards & Sketches. Also added are six new icons/banners by Wilhelmina at the Banners page. Have a good weekend everyone, watch out for any chainsaw-wielding guys wearing a hockey mask!

01-06-2012 | Happy 158th Birthday to Sherlock Holmes! In honor of the super sleuth's birthday, I added a video featuring him (along with Basil and co.) titled Sherlock Holmes: The Boys Are Back at the Audio & Video Galleries: Music Videos page. Also, in honor of the return of BBC's "Sherlock" starring Benedict Cumberbatch, I added a new Off Site Fan Art piece titled ++I caught a rodent - SH++. Have a good weekend!

12-30-2011 | Since this is the last update of 2011, I decided to work on getting the last page of this entire web site. The only page that was not created yet was for the Characters of the Eve Titus series. At the moment, I started on just the first book, Basil of Baker Street, but more will get added to the page in due time. That is all for this week. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year; see you in 2012!

12-23-2011 | Added the link to Disneycember: The Great Mouse Detective by The Nostalgia Critic at the Music Videos page. WARNING: the video contains strong language. View with caution. Next, I added a Christmas comic translated from Dutch to English (Big Thanks to Annemarie Werrji!) titled Royal Crown. Finally, I added a sketch by Mykenna Tremblay titled We Meet Again... along with its colored version to the Fan Art page. That's all for this week. Happy Christmas everyone!

12-16-2011 | Wilhelmina sent along eight more images for the Avatars & Icons: Banners/Signatures page. Also, I made 100x100 LiveJournal icons using fan art pictures with a Christmas theme. These have been added to the Avatars & Icons: LiveJournal Avatars page. Enjoy!

12-09-2011 | This week I added ALS123's adorable drawing called Finishing Touch to the Fan Art page. Also, I'm showing my slight protest to Disney never making a GMD Christmas ornament by making my own featuring Basil and Olivia. It's been added to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page. It's two weeks till Christmas, be safe shopping out there!

12-02-2011 | Added festive Christmas decor to the site as usual. Also added a photo and information to the book, Animation Magazine: 20-Year Collection. It's listed under Books (GMD mentioned) at the Merchandise page.

11-25-2011 | I hope everyone is surviving Black Friday out there. I went back to comic book translating after finding a duplicate yet different one. Same story, different wording and extra panels. It's titled, Basil, der große Mäusedetektiv Die Rückkehr der Ratte (The Return of Ratigan), same as the Dutch comic, De speurneuzen De Terugkeer Van Ratbout Rattatoe! Both the English and German version have been added to the Comics page. Also added a photo and information to the D23 pin to the Merchandise page under Pins.

11-18-2011 | Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse! :) For this week I added the four following pages to the Merchandise page: Disney's Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters 1st Edition (2004) and the New Updated Edition (2009) at the Books (with GMD mentioned) section. Next I added information for Basil and Ratigan at the Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure Art section.

11-11-2011 | Happy Veteran's Day! This week I've translated another Dutch comic to English and added it to the Comics page. It's titled De speurneuzen: De Terugkeer Van Ratbout Rattatoe! (The Return of Professor Ratigan!). Have a good weekend!

11-04-2011 | Added The Great Mouse Detective Official Certificate to the Plush Dolls section of the Merchandise page. Also added this Victorian era by TpT to the On Site section of the Fan Art page.

10-28-2011 | Since October 31st falls on a Monday this year, I'll make my little announcement now: HAPPY HALLOWEEN GMD FANS! For this pagan celebration, DanPhan88 created a drawing of Basil not quite as himself. It's titled When He Changed and has been added to the Fan Art page under On Site. Also added is some new Live Journal icons by charlie_100 at the Avatars & Icons: LiveJournal Avatars page. Just so you are all aware, the new icons have been mixed in with the old ones, so many of the file names have been changed. One final great bit of news to report: Mikomi-sama has updated Whispers in the Dark with Chapter 15. Have a good weekend everyone!