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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

10-21-2011 | Added the new section called Apparel to the Merchandise page with a Ratigan polo shirt and TGMD T-shirt. Also added at the same page under Games is photos and information on a 300 pc Jigsaw puzzle. Have a good weekend!

10-14-2011 | Added information and pictures to Disney's Adventure Stories (Second Edition) to the Merchandise page. Also added four more funny banners by Wilhelmina to the Avatars & Icons: Banners/Signatures page.

10-07-2011 | In honor of the 25th anniversary to the original stage production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" (October 9th, 1986), I added a fan art drawing titled, The Case of the Opera Ghost by ChibiJaime. Another 25th anniversary is on October 10th for Basil, The Great Mouse Detective premiering in the UK. In honor of that release date, I added the official movie poster to the Merchandise page under Posters. Till next week!

09-30-2011 | Tomorrow is October 1st and that means it's Halloween season! :) At the Merchandise page, I added a new section called Disney Villains. This will only cover merchandise with Professor Ratigan, Fidget and Felicia whom are usually found in villain collages. I started the section off with two items: a beach towel and a postcard. Also added is a new batch of avatars by charlie_100 at the LiveJournal Avatars page. Have a good weekend!

09-23-2011 | Twenty more updates have been archived. I attempted to create and build the Quotes page. I succeeded with quite a few popular quotes, but after working on the page for seven hours straight, it will be the only update for this week! Have a good weekend everyone!

09-16-2011 | For the Comics page, I translated another Dutch comic to English titled, The Mystery of the Missing Crown Jewels #H95192. Also added are some fantastic art pictures for a Basil of Baker Street book cover and insert by Ingvard the Terrible. The images have been added to the Miscellaneous photo page. Have a nice weekend!

09-09-2011 | Due to an immense power outage in the area, I was left without electricity for several hours. Conjuring up a quick idea for an update, I photographed my WDCC figures against candlelight and added them to the Odds and Ends section at the Miscellaneous photo page.

09-02-2011 | Added some Character Model Sheets to the Photo Galleries: Storyboards & Sketches page. Also added the story Devil's Dance by Paula Mendez to the Fan Fiction page. I lastly decided to delete the Behind the Scenes page from Photo Galleries and move it to The Movie section instead. Have a good weekend!

08-26-2011 | I only have one request for my birthday on Saturday, the 27th, and it's meeting Basil at Disneyland. Haha, but I already know it's never going to happen. For this week, I added at the Press page photos from a booklet called a Sell-Through Profit Planner. It's basically promoting the video release of The Great Mouse Detective in July, 1992. Wilhelmina also made ten more amusing images for the Banners/Signatures page. Have a good weekend, everyone!

08-19-2011 | Added Mr. Holmes wisdom by Laura Martínez to the Fan Art page. Also I (finally!) found and added The Great Mouse Detective Comparison Size Chart to the Storyboards & Sketches page.

08-12-2011 | Updated the Production Stills page with photos from the Press Information kit titled, Basil, The Great Mouse Detective. Also added to the On Site section of the Fan Art page is Between Friends by Mykenna Tremblay. Till next week!

08-05-2011 | Added two products to the Merchandise page: information for The Great Mouse Detective LaserDisc and the book, Disney's Art of Animation From Mickey Mouse To Beauty and the Beast (1st edition, 1991). Have a wonderful weekend all!

07-29-2011 | The British Film Institute in London's Southbank ran The Great Mouse Detective on July 23rd and 28th as part of showing all fifty Disney animated features. Paul Leach was kind enough to snap some photos of what was on display at the BFI. The photos have been added with his permission to the Miscellaneous photo page. Next, Wilhelmina has made ten new signature images and they have been added to the Avatars & Icons: Banners/Signatures page. Finally, John McDonnell created an album titled Louse Detection inspired by The Great Mouse Detective. The genre is Indie/Experimental/Lo-fi. The album will not be released until August 2nd, but you can still hear the tracks at the web site. Till next week!

07-22-2011 | Added the second GMD poster to the Posters section of the Merchandise page. Also added at the Fan Art page is Happy Anniversary GMD by Bumme4. Have a good weekend!

07-15-2011 | Added a new section of the Merchandise page for Posters, starting with the original 1986 "All New! All Fun!" poster. Also added at the same page under Books (with GMD mentioned) is information to Disney Dossiers: Files of Character from the Walt Disney Studios. Have a wonderful weekend!

07-08-2011 | Wilhelmina kindly donated thirteen more images to the Avatars & Icons: Banners/Signatures page. Also added at the Merchandise page under Pins (from is the Ratigan lenticular pin.

07-01-2011 | Happy early anniversary for The Great Mouse Detective! The film opened in US theaters on July 2nd, 1986, making it officially twenty-five years old. This week, I received help from Annemarie Werrij and translated another Dutch comic to English. This one is titled, The Club of Deep Thinkers. Both the English and Dutch version are up at the Comics page. Also added at the Fan Art page is a beautiful watercolor painting done by Iona Campbell. It's simply titled Basil of Baker Street Painted. Thank you for stopping by and have a good weekend!

06-24-2011 | At the Merchandise page, I added The Great Mouse Detective stamp sheets from Grenadines St. Vincent in set numbers #986, #989, and #990 and then from Republique du Congo. They are all listed under Stamps. Have a good weekend everyone!

06-17-2011 | Wilhelmina submitted thirteen new images to the Avatars & Icons: Banners/Signatures page including one in honor of Father's Day this Sunday. Also added at the Miscellaneous photo page under Odds and Ends is a PerlerBeads® design of Basil of Baker Street. It was created by Mykenna Tremblay. Have a good weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there!

06-10-2011 | A brand new pin released on June 3rd with Ratigan has now been added to the Merchandise page under Pins. Paul Leach was kind enough to share a link at the Disney Store online (UK site) to purchase it. Also added an article from Animator Mag to the Press page. Used with permission. Have a good weekend everyone!