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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

06-03-2011 | Happy 17th Birthday to GMD fan, Miss Bianca! I have added information for the 1998 book treasury, Disney's Family Story Collection: 75 Fables for Living, Loving, & Learning to the Merchandise page. Next, another wonderful Basil crochet doll has been added to the Miscellaneous photo page. Lastly, I've updated the Affiliates page by adding and removing some. Please check it out to view other web sites affiliated with this one. Till next week!

05-27-2011 | Happy 100th Birthday to Professor Ratigan's ghoulish voice actor, Vincent Price! At the Miscellaneous photo page, two new Basil of Baker Street images have been added from artist John Alexopoulos. One is a watercolor painting and the other is a sculpture model. And since today is Space Mountain's first launch anniversary (May 27, 1977) at the Disneyland Resort, I added Space Mousetain to the Fan Art page. Have a good Memorial Day Weekend!

05-20-2011 | In honor of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides being released today in theaters, I added two nautical-themed pieces of fan art to the site. The first is my old picture from 2007 titled Captain Barbasil and the second is of Basil in his sailor disguise titled, Undercover: colored by Amber Lee Stott. Have a good weekend!

05-13-2011 | Another Friday the 13th, oh no! Only if you're superstitious! For this week, I've translated another Dutch comic titled The Safe-Crackers and added it to the Comics page. Next, Wilhelmina created some new avatars and submitted them to the Avatars & Icons: Banners/Signatures page. Lastly, the Links page has new additions to many other sites. May 12th marked three years of being your web mistress, so I've added a little "Thank You" picture to the Goodies page under Gifts. Have a good weekend!

05-06-2011 | Happy 50th Birthday to voice actor, Wally Wingert! In honor of his birthday, I added information to the Disney Th!nk Fast trivia game to the Merchandise page. Wally asks over 6,000 questions in the game including ones for The Great Mouse Detective film. Have a good weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

04-29-2011 | Added "Basil, der große Mäusedetektiv: Die Diamantenfalle" to the Comics page in both English and German. Since this was an enormous project (to translate all 42 pages), it will be the only update for this week. Enjoy!

04-22-2011 | At the Music Videos page, I've added two new links titled: The Great Mouse Detective-Unstoppable and The Great Mouse Detective~PotC, both by oOblackwarriorOo. Also translated another Dutch comic to English, number H9296, and added it (along with its original Dutch version) to the Comics page. Happy viewing and reading!

04-15-2011 | In honor of Henry Mancini's birthday (April 16), I decided to have the updates be a tribute to him, starting with his biography at the Cast & Crew page. Also added are video links to the opening and closing credits at the Scenes page of the Audio & Video Galleries. Have a good weekend!

04-08-2011 | At the Miscellaneous photo page, I created a new section for "Disney's House of Mouse." Mykenna Tremblay sent in two new screenshots from the episode, "Donald Wants to Fly" during the small sequence, Dumbo Airlines. Next at the Forums page is a new listing for a board simply titled, Disney's Great Mouse Detective. Have a nice weekend!

04-01-2011 | Happy April Fool's Day! Watch your backs, everyone! For this pulling-pranks-on-others date, I added a new drawing to the Fan Art page titled, Konnichiwa, Doctor. Also added 18 awesome photos of a GMD birthday cake to the Miscellaneous photo page. Sent in by Paul Leach and used with his permission.

03-25-2011 | For fan recommendations in story and art, I have added Elementary (told in Basil's point of view) by -SnipingWolf to the Fan Fiction page and a light/dark drawing simply titled The Great Mouse Detective by Alyssa Baker to the Fan Art page. Enjoy!

03-18-2011 | The information for the 2002 and 2010 DVD's has now been added to the Merchandise page. Also added at the same page is a book titled, Off The Record Guide To Walt Disney's The Great Mouse Detective. It's listed under "Books (with GMD mentioned)."

03-11-2011 | Added two new hilarious concept art sketches ("Basil and Olivia" and "Toby, Olivia, Dawson and Basil") to the Storyboards & Sketches page. Both were drawn by Glen Keane and used with permission. Also created a new page called Forums to gain more awareness for this site.

03-04-2011 | Translated another Dutch comic to English. Its number is H97189 and it's now been added to the Comics page. Also added a wonderful picture simply titled Basil of Baker Street to the Fan Art page. Have a good weekend!

02-25-2011 | Added information to the book Disneystrology: What Your Birthday Character Says About You to the Merchandise page. Also added a new video to the Music Videos page titled, Out Of My Way-Seether-Great Mouse Detective by oOblackwarriorOo. Till next time!

02-18-2011 | Happy Birthday to Donald Duck voice actor, Tony Anselmo! His Biography has now been added to the Cast & Crew page. Also added a new photo of a drawing of Basil at the Merchandise page. Drawn by Brianna Garcia for her customer Kat. Used with permission.

02-11-2011 | On February 10, actor Barrie Ingham (voice of Basil) turned 77. To honor that, Mikomi-sama created a drawing titled, Happy birthday, Barrie Ingham. Also added is a concept art piece by Vance Gerry and sketches of Barrie Ingham and Val Bettin by Mark Henn to the Storyboards & Sketches page. Finally added a fourth photo of the Basil Crocheted doll to its page courtesy of Mykenna Tremblay. Till next week!

02-04-2011 | Remembering Eve Titus, whom sadly passed away on this date in 2002, I finally created the page, The Series, to start writing up the synopsis for each of her five books. The only one available for now is Basil of Baker Street. Also added is photos of a fantastic Crocheted Basil doll by Megan Gasgoyne, a commission made for GMD fan Mykenna Tremblay. It's been added to the Miscellaneous photo page under Odds and Ends. Have a great weekend, everyone!

01-28-2011 | Added The Great Mouse Detective ~ The Escape by totofan4ever to the Scenes page of the Audio & Video Galleries. This scene never gets old. ;) Also translated to English a GMD Dutch comic (number H98126) and added it to the Comics page. It's two pages about Basil getting a wax figure of himself at the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Have a good weekend!

01-21-2011 | I hope everyone has had a good new year so far. I received another GMD Grolier book cover to add to the Merchandise page. Photo provided by Mykenna Tremblay. Also added a new drawing of Basil titled, Sitting in Sorrow to the On Site section of the Fan Art page. Enjoy!