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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

04-09-2010 | Found this amusing (and very short!) children's book of the GMD movie from England. The cover and information have been added to the Merchandise page under Children's Books. It's called Disney's Basil, The Great Mouse Detective: The Flying Kidnapper. Also wanted to mention Noelle M's story, A Ring in Time, has been updated with Chapter 12 and Chapter 13. Till next week!

04-02-2010 | Added a great video to the Music Videos page. It's an interview with Vincent Price in Malibu dated July of 1986. Used with permission. Also added images and a description to the storybook, The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective to the Merchandise page. Finally, Mikomi-sama updated Whispers in the Dark with Chapter Six. Have a good weekend!

03-26-2010 | Added a new magazine article from Tele Star to the Press page featuring French singer Douchka and Basil. A big thank you goes to Mikomi-sama in assistance with the English translation. Also added information and images to the UK storybook, Disney's Basil The Great Mouse Detective to the Merchandise page. As a bonus, the same UK storybook had a picture of Basil that I couldn't resist playing with in Corel. I call it A Run in Regent's Park and have added it to the Fan Art page. Lastly, Noelle M. added Chapter 11 to A Ring in Time. Have a great weekend!

03-19-2010 | Mikomi-sama and Noelle M., the two talented ladies of Whispers in the Dark and A Ring in Time, have both updated their stories (Chapter 5 on the first and Chapter 10 on the second). Check them out! Next, it's a short update week due to a lot of translating from French to English. For the moment, please check out these two new hilarious music videos from Greg1205 (used with permission). One is called Douchka - Basil, Detective Prive, and the second is just Basil (live), the same song but performed in front of an audience. They feature a young blonde singer named Douchka Bojidarka Esposito and she dances with none other than Basil and Ratigan in her videos! Both links have been added to the Music Videos page. Enjoy!

03-12-2010 | For this week, the colored version of Wendy McAlister's Poke Basil drawing has now been added to the On Site section of the Fan Art page. She named it I Poke Basil. Also added is the Dr. Dawson Upperdeck card (front and back image) to the Trading Cards section of the Merchandise page. Have a great weekend!

03-05-2010 | Added the image of the brand new Basil and Dawson pin to the Pins section of the Merchandise page. Also at the Script page is an image that takes you to information on deleted scenes and altered dialogue of the original script. Next, Mikomi-sama wanted to announce that chapter four to her story, Whispers in the Dark, is now up for reading. Check it out and feedback is greatly welcomed! Lastly, at the Fan Fiction page is another story added titled, A Ring in Time by Noelle M. Check that story out as well!

02-26-2010 | Added three new photos to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page. One is of the February 24 Disney desktop calendar image while the other two feature a photo of the "in-house" crew of Basil of Baker Street and a hilarious Memo regarding the name change of the film. Note how I mentioned the original, intended title here instead. ;) The two photos were added with permission from The Creative Talent Network. Thank you, Tina!

02-19-2010 | A drawing and AIM avatar were both graciously donated by Wendy McAlister. Check out her drawing, Poke Basil and Basil avatar located at the Fan Art and AIM Icons pages. Also, for anyone who dwells at deviantART, I've created a new Group called The Game's Afoot! It's based on this fansite, but it's more for art and story submissions. Have a nice weekend!

02-12-2010 | For this Valentine's weekend, I have some art and stories of 'love' to offer. First up is the very talented Mikomi-sama sharing two of each. An adorable drawing titled, Fan Art Love: Basil and a fabulous story with a twist called Whispers in the Dark. Also, yours truly created a little Valentine's picture of Basil and Olivia with a story to go along with it. It's titled, Detectives Don't Dance and the two were combined as one. The stories and artwork have been added to the Fan Fiction and Fan Art pages respectively. Have a great Valentine's weekend!

02-05-2010 | Created a new section at the Merchandise page for Trading Cards. It's one card front and back from Upperdeck Trading for now, but once I find more, I will place them there. Also added a new video to the Music Videos page that is very clever and synchronizes well with the scenes from the film. RubyNbj created The Great Mouse Detective: Take On Me. Incidentally, the name of the group who perform the song is the same catchphrase Basil says often: "A-Ha"! ;) Enjoy!

01-29-2010 | Having a Disney collage moment for this week's updates. The first is photos with Basil shown from the Winter 1998-1999 issue of Disney Magazine. It has been added to the Press page. The article itself covers the discussion of A Bug's Life and briefly shows The Great Mouse Detective as part of the current 62 animated features. Next, is two new photos to the artwork of Cody Reynolds. Bianca Stephens submitted her photos from the poster version of the collage. It's found at the Miscellaneous photo page under Odds and Ends. Till next week!

01-22-2010 | First off is some updated news from It's been announced that The Great Mouse Detective Mystery in the Mist Edition is to be released on April 13! The DVD will have a new animated short as well as digital restorations. Check out the new slip cover art! For updates here, pictures and a description to a book titled, Disney's Year Book 1991 have now been added to the Merchandise page under Books (with GMD mentioned). Also, if you would like to see one artist's vision of Basil as an infant, you are going to Smile at this new piece added to the Fan Art page. Created by the very talented Mikomi-sama and added with her permission. See you next week!

01-15-2010 | The final English and Spanish pages of the Inca Mystery have now been added to the Comics page. Also, Kira, one of TGA's Affiliates, wanted to submit her drawing to the Fan Art page. It's titled Rat Butler and it's been added to the On Site section. Thank you, Kira! Have a nice weekend everyone!

01-08-2010 | Added pages 8 through 14 of the English and Spanish comic, The Inca Mystery, at the Comics page. Also, in light of the new Sherlock Holmes movie, artwork has been springing up featuring Basil and Dawson in the scenes instead. Check out this piece titled, GET IT OUT OF MY FACE BASIL by Lady-Immaterial. The link is now added to the Fan Art page. Enjoy!

01-01-2010 | Happy New Year, everyone! With the new year comes a new page added to the Fun Stuff section. It's called Comics and it's going to feature images of our detective hero in comic strip form. The Spanish comic, The Inca Mystery, has a few pages translated to English. More pages are being translated and will be added later. Also, a new video has been added to the Music Videos page and it's fabulous. The title is Basil Rag and it's played by KingPorter1. It's the lively rag time tune heard when Basil and Dawson first enter the Rat Trap. No sheet music could be obtained for this piece; the performer had to pick the melody out by ear. Go listen to it and enjoy the sounds of the Rat Trap! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

12-25-2009 | Merry Christmas, everyone! To show my appreciation to you all, I added a little Christmas card with a quote from Basil himself. It can be found at the Goodies page. Also added a photo and description of a GMD Duratan Light Box Poster to the Miscellaneous page under Odds and Ends. Lastly, I browsed around music videos and got a great laugh to this one with a very catchy beat. It's called Basil Tribute ~ Candyman by QuinnthePrincess and it has been added to the Music Videos page. Enjoy and see you all next week-- er, next year! :)

12-18-2009 | The owner of the fansite, "Never Say Never!" for An American Tail has become an Affiliate to TGA! Her home page icon has now been added to the Affiliates page. Also, friend Mykenna wanted to submit two images for The Great Mouse Detective OST on cassette to the Merchandise page. Lastly, the profile for Alan Young has been added to the Cast & Crew page. Enjoy!

12-11-2009 | Lots of detailed photos and a description have been added for The Great Mouse Detective Musical Memories figurine at the Merchandise page. Have a great weekend. If you're seeing a movie, go see The Princess and the Frog! Ron Clements and John Musker directed it. :)

12-04-2009 | Photos and a description to The Great Mouse Detective Magic Memories figurine have been added to the Merchandise page.

11-27-2009 | The holidays are here and so are some minor decorations for the home page. The Miscellaneous photo page has some new images to view. Under Odds and Ends is one image of Basil and Dawson. It leads to a page with a few other images as well as a description for their scene (including Ratigan) in an episode of "Disney's House of Mouse." Also at the same page is an added section called Poster Concept Illustration Original Art by Paul Wenzel. There were two alternate designs for the movie poster, both of which feature Basil in a very Sherlockian attire. Hope everyone has a safe Black Friday!