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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

11-20-2009 | For the Press section, I added a new article from Disney News issue Summer, 1986. Also, due to his hilarious facial expression, I added two links to a drawing with Basil and a lady mouse climbing a wall. It's titled, Keep Looking Up, and three fans are responsible for this amusing scene: the first is Jessica, the creator of the lady mouse named Miranda, the second is MimiSkitty, the artist who sketched the drawing, and the third is Anyango, the colorist who added a bit of pink to the detective's cheeks. Check out the two links listed under Off Site of the Fan Art page. Enjoy!

11-13-2009 | It's another Friday the 13th, oh noes! I'm working on something offline to submit here and it's not ready yet, so for this week, I'll present something simple but nice. For the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous photo page, I've added a picture of an advertisement for The Great Mouse Detective. It was found on the back of the Disneyland booklet for its particular birth date, July 17, 1986. Trust me, it's the only mention of the film in the entire booklet. Also, I received a request to do a Link Exchange with the web site, Download Movies. The title and link have now been added to the Links page. Have a great weekend!

11-06-2009 | First off, I'd like to wish my sister, Christine, a very Happy Birthday today! In other great news, my friend, Mykenna, found out at that The Great Mouse Detective Special Edition DVD is slated for release in March, 2010. Details on the bonus features have not yet been released. Finally, for the Miscellaneous photo page, I've added a new section for the Lithographs from the U.S. and Dutch video release of the film. Have a good weekend!

10-30-2009 | Added one new picture to the Odds and Ends section of the Miscellaneous page and two to the Merchandise page. The first at Miscellaneous is of the October 27 picture ("Basil of Baker Street, my good fellow!") from the 2009 Disney desktop calendar while the other two at Merchandise are from a Disney Villains T-shirt featuring Ratigan. The T-shirt belonged to a random guest at Disney's California Adventure and I was granted permission to photograph the back of it. All three are very fitting pictures for this pagan event, wouldn't you agree? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

10-23-2009 | Archived twenty more updates. For this week, I've added information and a window photo for William Cottrell at the pages of Trivia and Miscellaneous photos under Odds and Ends.

10-16-2009 | Two more Audio images have been added to the Merchandise page. It's of the read along books as you listen to the story. The book covers may look identical, but one is of a 33-1/3 RPM record and the other is a cassette tape. Out of personal choice, cassette tapes survived more in my household compared to the poor records getting scratches on them! That's all for now!

10-09-2009 | Added the slip cover of the 1992 VHS release to the Merchandise page. It's listed under Video/VHS Releases alongside the 1999 picture. Also did some hunting around for wonderful art and came across this piece titled Basil and Dawson by Lilostitchfan. It reminds me of Holmes and Watson in mouse form. The concept is also perfect when Basil always seems more interested in chasing after the villains than Dawson. I could almost hear him saying, "Come on! The game's afoot!" The link is also at the Fan Art page under Off Site. Permission has been granted. Thanks for stopping by!

10-02-2009 | It's the start of October and the hope for cooler weather in SoCal! Two more movie trailers were found and added to the Trailers page. Also, I came across a very interesting Vintage Card from France. The back contains information on the film including the Voix Françaises, or the French voice actors. Deeming that the card cannot be purchased unless found online, I added it to the Miscellaneous photo page under Vintage Cards. That's all for now, à bientôt! :)

09-25-2009 | Happy Birthday to TGA creator, Andrea Weaver, for September 24! Hope it was a good one! For this week's updates, I created two pages that have been unlinked. They are the Trailers page at the Audio & Video Galleries and the biography for Val Bettin at the Cast and Crew page. Also, it's Halloween time, and I decided to decorate the home page a little bit. Have a great weekend!

09-18-2009 | For the Merchandise page, the colored version of Basil peddling on the broken propeller by Charles Landholm has now been added. It's listed under Disneyland Art. Also added is a video titled The Great Mouse Detective - Sherlock Holmes to the Music Videos page. It's only the audio of the new Sherlock Holmes movie with scenes from GMD and Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001). Trust me, it's clever. Enjoy!

09-11-2009 | A solemn greeting for today's unforgettable date, folks. For this week's update, here is something that was fun to do research on. With continuing to find merchandise, I purchased two Golden Look Look® Books. They follow the same movie plot, but read differently...if that's possible! One is simply called Disney's The Great Mouse Detective and the second is the same with the added title, Basil's Great Escapes. I explain in detail what differs between the books and the film, so there are spoilers. Both are at the Merchandise page under Children's Books. Have a great weekend!

09-04-2009 | As the proud owner of a 1999 VHS copy to The Great Mouse Detective (yes, only ten years behind schedule!), I submitted the cover design along with some information to the Merchandise page. The image is listed under VHS/Video Release. Over at the Miscellaneous page under Odds and Ends, I have added four new photos of the Basil and Dawson WDCC sculptures, two for each. I personally took the photos. It should be noted that Odds and Ends is for random images found either by myself or someone else with permission to add there. Thanks for visiting!

08-28-2009 | Question: I turned 31 yesterday, does becoming an odd number reflect on my personality? ;) For updates, I've added a plethora of icons from kcscribbler to the Icons page of Live Journal Avatars. One set are of Paul Galdone's Basil of Baker Street Art while the next set is some of kcscribbler's own ideas called Mousicons. Also, ever wonder why Basil dislikes Olivia, or simply has no interest in children? Author Apathetic Onion decided to explore that mystery in a poignant short story titled, To Shed Some Light. It is now added at the Fan Fiction page. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

08-21-2009 | Thanks to other online sources, the biography for Shani Wallis is now available for viewing at the Cast and Crew page. Also added Ratigan and Fidget from August 18 of the 2009 Disney desktop calendar to the Miscellaneous page of Photo Galleries.

08-14-2009 | Happy Birthday, Sarah Brightman! I know, it's off-topic, but I can easily put a connection here. Barrie Ingham, voice of Basil, performed alongside her in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Aspects of Love. Photo courtesy of Barrie's Official Site. Yes, it's a small world after all. :) Moving on, I've added photos and a description to The Great Mouse Detective PVC Figures by Bullyland to the Merchandise page. Enjoy!

08-07-2009 | Been browsing around YouTube for some entertaining videos and found The Great Mouse Detective - Viva La Vida by Coldplay. It is now added to the Music Videos page. Although the lyrics contain religious themes, the music itself is heaven with its powerful strings and percussion sections. Plus, the collaboration of scenes from The Great Mouse Detective make it a music video well worth viewing. I've also added the Get A Clue! Pinback Button to the Merchandise page.

07-31-2009 | Added the story Mad Dogs and Englishmice by Andrew Norris to the Fan Fiction page.

07-24-2009 | Added information for The Great Mouse Detective Gallery Books in the Children's Books section of the Merchandise page. Also received a wonderful sketch of Basil from Ruben Procopio at the San Diego Comic Con. It's been added at the Goodies page. Thanks Ruben!

07-17-2009 | Happy 54th Birthday, Disneyland! All right, had to get that out in the open. ;) Added pictures and information for The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective soundtrack at the Merchandise page. It's listed under Audio.

07-10-2009 | Found some new icons by kcscribbler and was granted permission to add them in three parts to the Live Journal Avatars page. Also, The Mouse Avenger wanted to submit two pictures to the Fan Art page and one story to the Fan Fiction page. For Fan Art, they are titled, GMD: My Word, Yes? and GMD: Fremdeliebe, Disney-style. For Fan Fiction, the story is titled, Interview With A Madmouse. Enjoy!