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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

07-03-2009 | Happy 23rd Anniversary for The Great Mouse Detective for Thursday, July 2, 2009! I added the image from my desktop calendar to the Miscellaneous page of the Photo Galleries under Odds and Ends. Unfortunately, that is all I had time for this week, so till next time, have a great and safe Fourth of July weekend!

06-26-2009 | A new section is up at the Merchandise page. It's Children's Books with three current book cover images: the Ladybird book and two different covers from the Grolier book. Also added three new pictures under Odds and Ends of the Miscellaneous page of Photo Galleries. They are of the new Basil and Dawson sculptures from the Disneyana store in Disneyland. And yes, that's yours truly holding those two mice. ;)

06-19-2009 | Due to a recent reformat, the files and program used to run this site are unavailable at present time. However, I do not wish to leave you all high and dry. Two new clips have been added at the Music Videos page. In honor of Father's Day this Sunday, this seemed to be an appropriate video to add. It's titled, Olivia's Father's Song. Also, remember the video game, Basil, the Great Mouse Detective, from Commodore 64? Someone was kind enough to put up the ending at YouTube. If you wish to see the ending without playing the game, follow the link provided. Have a good weekend everyone!

06-12-2009 | Some new images are up for viewing at the Photo Galleries page. For Storyboards & Sketches under Sketches and Concept art, the new images are the following: an early design of Olivia Flaversham with Shirley Temple curls (seriously!), early rough drafts of Mrs. Judson and two wonderful sketches of Professor Ratigan with his cape caught in a clock gear. Next is two images at the Cels page: Basil shouting, "Ha!" on an invisible chair with Olivia gawking at him and Ratigan peeking in an invisible box. Images provided by Van Eaton Galleries. They can be purchased at their web site upon availability.

06-05-2009 | Twenty updates were once again archived. My friend, skyechan, was very helpful at the Scenes page. She was able to update "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind" and "Let Me Be Good To You" with English and multiple languages. Also, she has created a fun music video titled, The GMD Cast is Feeling Super! (Thanks For Asking). It's now up at the Music Videos page. Lastly, due to Geocities closing, the link for The Cheese Crumpet has been updated at the Links page. Thank you skyechan!

05-29-2009 | GMD artist Mackenzie Ferry was kind enough to submit five of her beautiful works of art. They can be found at the Fan Art page under On Site and titled with the following: From Brothers to Foes, Candlelight For Two, King Ratigan, A Whole New World, and Free Falling. Check them out! Also, the Affiliate link and image for Disney Promises has been updated. Thanks girls!

05-22-2009 | Before I announce the updates for this week, I have some very sad news that I wish to share here. Wayne Allwine, beloved voice actor of Mickey Mouse for 32 years, has passed away this past Monday, May 18. My deepest sympathies go out to the Walt Disney Company as well as for his wife, Russi Taylor (voice of Minnie Mouse), and their five children. Incidentally, Wayne also provided the voice of a Thug Guard from The Great Mouse Detective film. He will be greatly missed. For this week, there are two updates. For the Press page, I have added a very in-depth article from Starlog Magazine. It appeared in their July, 1986 issue and it is well worth reading. Also, a gift for this site, Kira created a cute collage featuring pictures of Basil and some of his famous quotes. It's now up at the Goodies page under Gifts. Thanks, Kira!

05-15-2009 | Tuesday, May 12, has marked one year I have taken over this web site. Time sure does fly, does it not? For today's update, there is an awesome new section at the Photo Galleries titled Original Production Sculptures. Do check it out! Also, what if you had done something so awful and so embarrassing, you just could not get over it? Dawson shares such a problem to his good detective friend in a charming short story titled Dissipation by Tristan-the-Dreamer. Permission has been granted to add the title to the Fan Fiction page. Check it out!

05-08-2009 | The Merchandise page continues to grow with the addition of images, and here are two great ones. The new 2009 Basil and Dawson sculptures had to start with rough draft drawings. I have been given permission from Ruben Procopio to add the two sketch designs to the page. Also, Ruben is featured in the Disney magazine, Tales from the Laughing Place. Check out the article at the Press page. Thank you Ruben!

05-01-2009 | Happy first day of May, everyone! Continuing to update the Merchandise page, there is a new section titled Books with The Great Mouse Detective mentioned in them. Three have been added with a description for each. Since there are many books such as this, the section will expand in due time. That's all for now and have a great weekend!

04-24-2009 | A silhouette of a person in profile has been a very popular portrait design for many centuries, and the Victorian era is no stranger to it either. For the Goodies page, I added a silhouette of Basil in his traditional detective's attire and pipe. This exact pose of Basil does not exist in any frame of The Great Mouse Detective film. I had to do a little bit of my own creation to make this image possible. Having it placed at the Goodies page, you are permitted to save it for your own personal use. Also, I've added the book cover image of Basil, The Great Mouse Detective Panini sticker album to the Merchandise page. It is listed under Stickers. Panini...isn't that a sandwich? Yum! ;)

04-17-2009 | The section Autographs has now been added to the Miscellaneous photo page. Five are currently up for viewing from my personal collection, but anyone is more than welcome to submit an autograph if they have one they would like to showcase here. Also an important note: GMD author, Ethel M. Grimes (a.k.a. Mouselady), has just lost her dad on April 11. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Thank you and have a great weekend!

04-10-2009 | Look! It's Dawson! Wave as he rides by for the date of April 9th! :) Here is a real treat of an update if you enjoy viewing art as well as the hero of this site. Lina Simonen, a talented artist at DeviantART, has drawn Basil in many different poses. Permission has been granted to show her work in a figure set at the Fan Art page, How to Draw Basil of Baker Street 101. Warning: The images at the page are very large and will take time to load on slower-running computers.

04-03-2009 | Added some more photos of the two new Basil and Dawson sculptures courtesy of WDCCDuckman at the Merchandise page. Enjoy!

03-27-2009 | First off, I would like to wish my friend, KP-chan (author of Through My Eyes), a very Happy 19th Birthday! Hope it's a good one! New updates are all at the Merchandise page starting with images of the new Basil and Dawson sculptures. Permission has been granted from to showcase them. Also up at the page is more Disneyland Art (the first four black & white images), and a new U.K. pinback button (the white one with the words, "It's Elementary!").

03-20-2009 | New merchandise alert!!! My friend, skyechan, found out that Basil debuts in the Walt Disney Classics Collection!!! Two sculptures, Basil and Dawson, will be released as a set in May, 2009. Article posted by Many thanks to skyechan for the head's up!

03-13-2009 | Oh, noes! Not another Friday the 13th! Well, if you think you're unlucky, check out this brilliant art piece by sapphiregamgee. Dawson may assume Basil has Just a Cough, but it could be something far worse! The link has been added to the Fan Art page.

03-06-2009 | Eight 8x10 lobby cards are now up for viewing at the Miscellaneous page of Photo Galleries. The following items have been added to the Merchandise page: A bookmark, two pinback buttons, and a set of stickers. The more items found, the more will appear at this page, so stay tuned!

02-27-2009 | He'd like to be under the sea in an Octopus's Garden in the shade! That poor minor character known as just an Octopus has now been added to the Characters page.

02-20-2009 | Kira, my GMD fansite neighbor, wanted to submit this music video. It is available at the Music Videos page under the title, Basil of Baker Street Tribute! ~Let's hear it for Basil~. Check it out! Next, with more dedication added at the Fan Art page, there is a question that arises, "What would The Great Mouse Detective characters look like if they were human?" Here are some brilliant samples: ...Guess Whoooo... by LePipsqueak, The Great Mouse Detective by m-t-copyright, Basil and Tanya by Porcelain Requiem, and lastly by the same artist, Dash it all Basil.... Permission has been granted from each artist to link their work from here. Enjoy!