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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

02-13-2009 | For February 10th, Happy Birthday to Barrie Ingham (the voice of Basil and Bartholomew)! Today is Friday the 13th! Ooooh! Ahem, but who's superstitious, right? Updates are as follows: Ethel M. Grimes' wonderful pastiche, Two Worlds...One Spirit, has now been added to the Fan Fiction page. Fans of Sherlock Holmes might want to look at this gem as well. Also, she has a page created for her other fine literary pieces. It is titled The Lower Baker Street Study and has been added to the Links page. Happy reading!

02-06-2009 | Added Lady Mouse to the Characters Page. Enjoy!

01-30-2009 | Clean cup! Clean up! Move down! Twenty more updates have been archived. Webmistress Kira has created a new GMD site titled Welcome to Lower Baker Street and it is now at the Links page. Check it out! Also, Live Journal Avatars by joyyjpg are available at the Icons page.

01-23-2009 | Yes, friends, it's January 23. The date is linked because it's nice to note The Great Mouse Detective is a highlighted movie in my 2009 Disney desktop calendar. The image is now within the Odds and Ends section of the Photo Galleries Miscellaneous page. Speaking of the Miscellaneous page, two other images have been added: Disney Magic, The Animated Features and Disney 50th Anniversary, A Celebration of Character. Some images have been combined as one and now lead to a page to offer information. Till next week!

01-16-2009 | We've got another sly, cunning mouse joining the Characters page, and it's none other than the Bar Tender. Enjoy!

01-09-2009 | Continuing with the character profiles is the Bar Maid. Be nice to her or she'll smack you upside the head! Next, over at the I [heart] page is a new entry from Lizzie Norris. Thanks Lizzie! Lastly, I wish to thank themouseavenger and Nicole Maxwell for the recent comments in Basil's Guestbook. I enjoy positive feedback and I hope to keep this site running for as long as I can!

01-02-2009 | Happy New Year everyone! A new addition this week is Bartholomew, the intoxicated little mouse with a very short amount of screen time. His profile is now up at the Characters page. Also, a store in Disneyland has some exquisite art pieces of Basil and Ratigan to purchase. Check them out at the Merchandise page under Disneyland Art. The poster, "The Great Mouse Detective at Disneyland" has been moved from the Photo Galleries page and over to Merchandise (Disneyland Art) due to the fact that the item can be purchased...that is, if an online shopper can find it. Enjoy!

12-26-2008 | Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! If there were any parties here, someone has arrived to clean up the mess. The profile of Mrs. Judson has now been added to the Characters page. Be neat and don't ruin her good pillows! Also, I added a fun video titled, Basil -pictures of you (G.M.D.) at the Music Videos page. Look for a mention of TGA!

12-19-2008 | The very kind web mistress of the Vincent Price Fanlisting has decided to affiliate with TGA! I have returned the favor by linking with her site at the Affiliates page. Also added is the profile for Miss Kitty Mouse at the Characters page.

12-12-2008 | For the Characters page, the profile for Queen Moustoria has now been added. Oh, and one minor note. I would personally like to thank josh and max for the lovely comments left at the Guestbook. It's nice to know the time and dedication I put into this site gets the attention it deserves!

12-05-2008 | Let's get goofy here with the addition of the Goofs page. No, seriously, it does get a bit goofy. Read with caution of severe eye-rolling! With the start of December and the Christmas season, I decided to decorate just the homepage to give it a little more holiday cheer. The clipart is courtesy of Free Victorian Christmas Clipart. Enjoy!

11-28-2008 | The Vincent Price fanlisting has been added to the Fanlistings page. Also, uknowprincess made some "New eyes" for her Basil fursuit. Progress has been added at the Fan Art page under Fursuit head-WIP.

11-21-2008 | The page for Games has now been created. Enjoy what is offered and feedback (or hints) is greatly accepted!

11-14-2008 | Meet the gracious lady whom basically made this web site possible. A short and simple page for author, Eve Titus, has now been added.

11-07-2008 | Sahkmet has graciously submitted some of her art for your viewing pleasure. They have been added to Fan Art and are as follows: "Good Morning Starshine, " "Under the Streetlamp," "Count Ratigan," and "Blushing Basil." Also, icons by nymosy for Live Journal use have been added to the Live Journal Avatars page. Note: some images contain bad language, view at your own risk.

10-31-2008 | First order of business, HAPPY HALLOWEEN GMD FANS! For this Pagan event, I decided to treat (and not trick!) everyone to a wonderful creation I found on the Internet. It's a pumpkin carved in the design of Ratigan! If you haven't seen it, here's the link to marvel at a Ratigan O'Lantern. There's other Disney Villains at this web site as well. Check it out! Oh, and my mother brought home a pumpkin and allowed me to choose what to put on it. Naturally, I drew/carved Basil and called it a Basil O'Lantern. Yes, this is my design, including the mistakes. Also, the Production Stills page has been revamped along with new photos from The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective Press Information Kit.

10-24-2008 | At Fan Art, a new tutorial page has been created for fans who want to learn how to draw Basil. It's titled, "How to Draw Basil of Baker Street 101." Catchy, eh? The Miscellaneous page at Photo Galleries has some Odds and Ends to look at. More photos will be added in due time.

10-17-2008 | Added Bad Company - Disney Villains Fanlisting to the Fanlistings page. uknownprincess has completed her Basil fursuit project. Yay! Two more pictures are available at the Fan Art page under Fursuit head WIP. The new additions are titled, "Basil" and "Basil cosplay." Lastly, three new music videos have been added to the Music Videos section. They are "Basil - Broken Dreams" (it's the song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day, so it contains one swear word), "Ratigan - Be Prepared," and "Ratigan - Mephistopheles." Yes, there are a lot of Ratigan fans out there and just in time for the Halloween month. Enjoy!

10-10-2008 | First off, today marks the official opening for The Great Mouse Detective in the United Kingdom, so....Happy 22nd Anniversary for the British audiences! Now then, some actor by the name of Barrie Ingham has been keeping active in recent times. ;) Due to this, I made a small section titled "What's New?" at the Barrie Ingham page. Next, uknownprincess has made new progress to her Basil fursuit head. The update is "Now with hat" at her section titled Fursuit head- WIP. Lastly, talented GMD fans have created some wonderful avatars for Live Journal use. Check out new additions from ghetto_lonetto, withpaperwings_, Karasu (cryboycry), and Karen (skyechan) at the Avatars & Icons page.

10-03-2008 | Where did all the updates go? Follow the numbered link to review past updates. Created the Merchandise page with some pins to start. More will appear in due time. Also created the Disney page.