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The Game's Afoot! {{ Disney's The Great Mouse Detective fansite }}

{ Archived Site Updates }

09-26-2008 | Happy Birthday to Andrea Weaver, The Game's Afoot! creator, for September 24th! The Fanlistings page is now active along with the Screen Captures page in the Photo Galleries section.

09-19-2008 | Two more honorable fan pieces for art and fiction have also been added. In Fan Art, check out rinoatilmitt's not-your-average-but-very-awesome style of Basil and Ratigan. In Fan Fiction, take a look at MeGoobie's short yet touching story of Basil's recollecting thoughts from Olivia's Eyes.

09-12-2008 | Since May 12, this date marks four months exactly that I agreed to take over The Game's Afoot! and add material to it weekly. Wow! To gain more awareness of this site, I joined The Irregulars of Basil of Baker Street Web Ring. It's located at the bottom of the Home page. ;) I have also created a business card for anyone who wants a little souvenir of this site. A sample view of the card is found at the Site Info page. In Fan Art, MouseAvenger has submitted an O.C. titled, Simple Pleasures. In the Goodies page, I have added the Basil plush icon from The Ink and Paint Plush: Adoptables Site. Finally, I added WhatsitsGalore's GMD Site to the Links page. Have fun!

09-05-2008 | A fan named Laura wanted to submit an O.C. (Original Character) for anyone to use in their stories. It is titled O.C. Availability and found at the Fan Fiction page. I also took the time to create the profile for Hiram Flaversham at the Characters page.

08-29-2008 | Two highly recommended fan pieces I've known and loved have been added to the Fan Fiction and Fan Art pages. The story is titled, From the Journals of Doctor Dawson by Jack of None and the artwork is simply titled Basil of Baker Street by Henrieke. These are true dedication gems worth reading and viewing!

08-22-2008 | Added the Press page with some articles for viewing. Also created the profile for Fidget at the Characters page. He was fun to make!

08-15-2008 | Disney Dreamers has been added to Affiliates, plus there are two updated image links to Fursuit head WIP. Looking good!

08-08-2008 | Added the Prologue of Heart of Cold to the Fan Fiction page. Also added Fursuit head WIP to the Fan Art page. Go read! Go view!

08-01-2008 | Added a GMD Comic from Disney Adventures Magazine to the Miscellaneous page. Yay!

07-25-2008 | Created the Miscellaneous page in the Photo Galleries section. I'll add more, I promise!

07-18-2008 | Created the new page Production Stills in the Photo Galleries section.

07-11-2008 | Added bunches of sketch pieces to the Storyboard & Sketches page. Also added Through My Eyes by KP-chan to the Fan Fiction page. Go forth and enjoy thy self!

07-04-2008 | This past Wednesday, July 2nd marked the 22nd anniversary of The Great Mouse Detective released into theaters. Many thanks to the wonderful and talented people who made this memorable film possible! :) Moving on, Happy Fourth of July! Added The Film Duration of The Great Mouse Detective by Brina and Dating the Disney Film by Diane N. Tran to the Fan Fiction page.

06-27-2008 | Added first entry to I [heart] and Childhood Dreams to Affiliates. Thank you gals!

06-20-2008 | Created the page to Cels in the Photo Galleries section. Check it out!

06-13-2008 | Added three music videos to the Music Videos page. Check them out!

06-06-2008 | Added Disney Love to the Affiliates page, and Basil the Brilliant to Links!

05-30-2008 | The Trivia page is now up. Exciting or boring information? You be the judge!

05-23-2008 | The page FAQ has now been added! Check it out and give your thoughts!

05-16-2008 | For this first Friday update, the page I [heart] has been added to the site! Check it out if you wish!


05-12-2008 | This site has a new webmaster! As of today, Brina will now be running and updating The Game's Afoot!