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The following is a snippet from the Cartoon Research article, "In Their Own Words: Glen Keane and Vincent Price on Ratigan." Click the link in the title above to read the full article.


Vincent Price who was 75 years old was cast in the role after animators viewed a 1950 film, Champagne for Caesar, at the suggestion of director Burny Mattinson where Price played larger-than-life corporate chieftain Burnbridge Waters. Ratigan was designed by animator Glen Keane who found Price’s expressive voice and attitude inspired us to further redesign the character.

“Ratigan was originally a very skinny character. He was a rat and we had him kind of as a weasly-looking guy but his design was too similar to Basil. I was thinking maybe we should be really bigger with him.

“At the time we watched the Vincent Price film and listening to his dialogue I realized that’s the voice for him. He just had this sharp, quick way of speaking and the timing was great. You could tell he enjoyed being a rotten guy. Like Ratigan he felt like he was justified in doing whatever he did, which is important for a villain. The villain isn’t bad just because he’s bad, but he’s justified. He feels like he’s right.”

Vincent Price: “It was the first time in 45 years I had to audition. I was furious with them. I had done more than a hundred pictures and if they didn’t know what my voice sounded like then the hell with them.

“After a while I realized I was being very silly and egotistical. They knew my voice but they weren’t sure whether I could adapt to the style of acting required by the role. So, like a kid, I tried out.

“The voice is crucial in the animated film. I guess mine evokes a certain mystery…. or horror or melodrama and that’s what they wanted for this character. If I have added anything to the history of villainy, it’s a sense of fun.

“I did it because one should never stop. That’s the first rule. Keep going. Do everything, even cartoons. If you don’t, you stop. And stopping stinks.”