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{ Characters: Miss Kitty Mouse }

This beautiful white mouse has got the moves, and she's strutting them all over the stage of The Rat Trap. Performed by singer Melissa Manchester, her main purpose is to entertain the patrons with her shapely body and sultry voice. Her name was never mentioned, but sources have stated that Miss Kitty Mouse was written upon her character model sheet.

Drawn with almond-shaped blue eyes and dressed in a showgirl outfit, she prances and purrs alongside her identical sisters, never losing a step when one patron attempts to grab at her leg. During her performance, Basil and Dawson are slipped a 'mickey' from the bartender, yet only the latter succumbs to its intoxicating effects. The voluptuous mouse succeeds; everyone (except Basil) is under her spell until the song ends and trouble begins. A dazed Dawson makes a wrong move and a typical bar fight ensues. Fortunately, our heroes avoid swinging fists or flying chairs and slip out unnoticed through a trap door.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Let me be good to you!"
  • "Hey, fellas, I'll take off all my blues, hey fellas, there's nothing I won't do, just for you!"
  • "So dream on, and drink your beer, get cozy, your baby's here!"