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{ Merchandise }

The following images below are of various items featuring The Great Mouse Detective characters. For other languages, please visit the Foreign Merchandise page.

Apparel (courtesy of ArtFire, Disney Bound, Disney By Design, Polyvore, Tumblr and other official merchandise):

Audio (Original Soundtrack Recording):

Audio (Read-Along Books. Click HERE to read the full book and listen to the audio):


Books (with GMD mentioned) listed in chronological order:

Children's Books:

Christmas Ornaments:

Coloring Books:

Disney Theme Parks (used with permission):

Disney Villains (collages of characters that contain Ratigan, Fidget and Felicia):

DVD Custom Covers (courtesy of DVD Covers, Blu-Ray Covers, Game Covers FREE!):

DVD Full Covers:

DVD Release:

Electronic Accessories:

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