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{ Characters: Queen Moustoria }

The mouse world's version of Queen Victoria may be a minor character, but a vital one at that. The kidnapping of Flaversham was only the start of a much bigger plan of Ratigan's, a plan to take over Her Majesty's throne as the new ruler of England. The Queen herself is portrayed as a plump, jovial, and even feisty mouse. It's interesting to note her markings match those of Basil's with a lighter shade of fur around her nose, mouth and neck. The Queen is naturally saved from the assassination attempt and proves her worth in the film. Not only does she detain Fidget briefly, but she also arranges a formal ceremony to personally thank Basil and Dawson for their heroic deeds.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Oh, I just love Jubilees!"
  • " 'To our beloved Queen this gift we send as her 60 year reign... comes to an end?' "
  • "Professor Ratigan! Guards! Seize this despicable creature!"
  • "Traitors!"

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